Guess The Baywatch “Clown”?

Baywatch Clown?  Photo:

Baywatch Clown? Photo:

So which Baywatch “babe” donned a clown mask along with a wedding viel and walked the catwalk?

To find out see me after the jump.

Pamela Anderson At Fashion Show. Photo:

Pamela Anderson At Fashion Show. Photo:

If you guessed Pamela Anderson, you are right!  She was at the AMUSE Fashion Show in Miami, Florida last night. She donned her former baywatch outfit along with a clown paper mask and a wedding veil. WTF? Guess she was trying to see if she could fit into it still.  Not sure if that is a good thing for us that she can.

Pam has been swamped with rumors that she is broke and even Courtney Love, who should know all about broke but being rich has been calling out Pam living in a trailer in Malibu.  I guess crazy knows crazy?-Dr.FB




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