Video: Baby Gets Hit By Train & Survives!

This is amazingly shocking video but the baby was safe and sound except for a hit to the head. It is rather amazing video.  It just shows all it takes is a moment for something horrible to happen.


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  1. The little 6yrs old boy Falcon now know as Balloon boy was never in danger because he was never flying in the helium balloon.

  2. im happy that the baby was ok and its not only mircle it was an blessing from god becouse that baby was meant to be on this earth for an reason

  3. Didn’t click on the video. Don’t like watching kids in danger. On the other hand I did watch balloon boy …

  4. It’s amazing! It’s a true miracle! It might even turn me from a 50 % beliver into a 100 % beliver..:)

  5. oh my word, and just in time! i’m glad he’s ok!

  6. She must feel like the luckiest mother alive. Watching her panic as she realises what’s happening turns my stomach.

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