No Problem! Ariana Grande’s “Problem” Featuring Iggy Azalea Hits 7 Million Views In 4 Days!

Ariana Grande Promo Photo

Perhaps performing the song on the iHEARTRADIO Awards and The Billboard Awards with Iggy Azalea helped "Problem", Ariana Grande's new video hit 7 million view on YouTube in 4 days.

We knew Grande would be huge but the hate she receives from other artists was surprising. Rihanna? What's the matter Bae?-DocFB

Diagnosis: 1 problem. Can't lip sync in a video to save her life. Oh well. The problems a real singer has. If that is it and expands her range, Ariana will go far.


“Who You Love” Video By John Mayer & Katy Perry! Watch Now!

Katy Perry & John Mayer Screen Cap

John Mayer & Katy Perry are sweet on each other and unlike Kim and Kanye, it doesn't make us sick to our stomachs!

The couple's video was world premiered on Good Morning America this morning and stayed on the morning show's web site for a while.

The video highlights John & Katy (Thank God the media hasn't come up with a phrase combining the two names yet. Let's keep it that way!) along with other couples riding a bull.

No John banging Katy on a motorcycle and them telling us we are missing the joke of trying to make a bad video. The song and video is cool.-DocFB

Diagnosis: You can front all you want but at one time, you will or have wanted a relationship like that....


Beyonce Releases Caribbean Feel “Grown Woman” Teaser!

Beyonce Photo: Tony Duran for Flaunt

Beyonce has released/leaked a teaser for the "Grown Woman" video where she can do whatever she wants and apparently it is to get Caribbean Queen feel on and we are not talking about Billy Ocean!

The video features Beyonce's mother and Kelly Rowland as well.-DocFB

Diagnosis: We don't think this will be as popular as a dance that "Single Ladies" was but you never know with Queen B....


EMINEM & Rihanna Set To Make “Monster” Video

Eminem & Rihanna Photo: Instagram

It looks like "Monster" by EMINEM and RIHANNA will be the next single from EMINEM's new album "MMLP2".

There hasn't exactly been a smash hit yet for Em but the album is almost at the 1 million mark after 2 weeks of sales, which is impressive in today's album sales.

Eminem and Rihanna both posted photos on their Instagram accounts from the "Monster" set.-DocFB

Diagnosis: The song to me is not as good as "Love The Way You Lie" but let's see if a good video can help it....


Katy Perry New Video “Unconditionally” A Renaissance Period Piece

Katy Perry Photo: Annie Liebowitz Vanity Fair

Katy Perry has released the video for "Unconditionally" and it is beautifully shot by director Brent Bonacorso.

I love the imagery, the look, the feel. What I don't understand is...when it comes to eternal love, unconditional love, why does one of them have to die? Is there no real unconditional love or eternal love without that?-DocFB

Diagnosis: Maybe I am just reading to much into things. Beautiful video for a song that I thought was so-so.


Eminem Releases Video For “Survival” Watch Now!

Eminem has released a video for "Survival" produced by DJ Khalil and featuring Liz Rodrigues on the hook.

The song is featured in the game Call of Duty: Ghosts. It also features video game images in the video.

The video features a skull over the city at the end of the video.

MMLP2 is due in stores in November 5th. No track list has been released to know if "Survival" will appear on the album.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Good....but not Slim's best.


Justin Timberlake Releases Video For “Take Back The Night” Watch Now!

Justin Timberlake Promo Photo

Justin Timberlake has released the video for "Take Back The Night" the first single from "The 20/20 Experience Volume 2" and it is a return to the dance pop MJ stuff that made him a solo pop sensation.

To see the video, click here....