Dennis Hopper Diagnosed With Prostate Cancer

Dennis Hopper. Photo: Tony Barson/

Dennis Hopper. Photo: Tony Barson/

First Andrew Lloyd Webber and now Dennis Hopper. Dennis Hopper’s manager is confirming that the actor has prostate cancer.

He will be getting treated at USC (University Of Southern California) and has cancelled all travel and event plans.

I hope Dennis makes a full recovery.-Dr.FB




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  3. Georgie

    Getting old is a bastard. Men got to remember regular check ups!
    Good luck with the treatment Mr Hopper

  4. Cadillac Colin Cody

    I have lost two friends recently to cancer. About a week after my friend, Steve Louden, passed away with bladder cancer, I ran across a health expert on TV who was interviewing an Italian oncologist telling about his extremely effective cancer cure protocol. Apparently, the treatment is quite inexpensive, side-effect free, permanent and works for all types of cancer (90% cure rate) other than that of the bones. He spoke of using hyperthermia at certain clinics in Germany for bone cancer patients. Dr. Simoncini’s clinic is in Rome and he has been curing cancer quite successfully with his technique for over 30 years. Had I known about him sooner, I would have put my friend on a jet for Rome and gotten him back in great health in about 48 days.

    I hope Dennis has validated his passport to heaven (Luke 9:23f) because, unless he sees Dr. Simoncini, he will probably be desperately in need of it soon. Over 500,000 people die yearly using conventional therapy–poison, cut and burn.

  5. justmemuchlove

    Great picture. (again a great match doc. I like that about you)
    Wishing Mr. D. Hopper all the best. He’s been through a lot in his life. And ppl really should respect that…

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