Alicia Keys Dying To Duet with Prince

Alicia Keys and Prince, 2008 Grammy Awards
Alicia Keys and Prince, 2008 Grammy Awards

Alicia Keys with Prince, 2008 Grammy Awards | mtv.com

According to music-news.com, Alicia Keys is "desperate to duet with Prince". Despite winning nine Grammy awards in her career and collaborating with many top artists, Keys says "it would be a dream come true to record a track with her idol, the only celebrity who has left her completely star-struck".

During an interview on BBC Radio 1Xtra, Keys said: "I met Prince before. I tried to act cool but I definitely had a little star-struck moment. He’s great."

Keys has had her share of opportunities to hang out with the purple one. In 2001, she performed as part of his Celebration at Paisley Park. Keys also gave a speech for Prince when he was inducted into the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame in 2004.

Prince also presented Keys with the best female R&B vocal performance at last year's Grammy Awards.

Wonder if there are any Keys / Prince collaborations in the purple vault... What do you guys think? Would you like to see these two record together? -Dr.FB

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  1. I’m on with the affirmitive in the original question and if and when it happens will be smiling from ear to ear……lol*

  2. ive been dying 4 this

  3. that will happen ; it would be one natural duet ; prince always talk good about Alicia and Outkast mentionning them as the rare acts from the new generation that he find interesting

  4. HAH! I would watch those two do ANYTHING together…!

  5. If it’s anything like what he did with what’s her face a few years back at the Grammys, then no thank u! And if anything does goes down, Prince should let Keys lead, as Prince does not know how to write for the masses anymore.

    I got luv for ’em both….so I am just sayin…

  6. If it happens it will be that celebrity duo to open at the Grammys otherwise it’s not gonna happen. I think Prince would have done it long time ago if he wanted to.

  7. He seems like an impulsive man so who knows, it could happen if the fancy takes him

  8. That New York song truly is f’ng annoying. I hate when they say it is the new New York anthem. I don’t think so.

  9. That horrible “Now your in New York” song with Jay Z is just annoying. Just say No, Prince.

  10. She sure did join him onstage in NYC 2002. She sang “How Come U Don’t Call Me Anymore” while they both played the keys. At one point she whispered something to him, and he nodded his head, “No.” I still wonder if she asked him to sing with her.

  11. i just saw a commercial for the grammys and it said guss what celebrity duo wil be performing together to open this years show hmmmmm

  12. I say YES !!! … I think Alica Keys & Prince could make some beautiful music together.

    To Chocolate_Box777 as far as your comment ” Prince has only had 2 hit duets. One with Rosie Gaines & Sheena Easton” I beg to differ ….. Did you forget about his duets with Sheila E … Erotic City & Love Bizarre ? those two songs were hits to me.

  13. Doc. initially I said “awesome”, but now I don’t know now….I just hope she’s not the “homewrecker” that she is said to be. For me that changes everything cuz that’s all I would be thinking about. Sorry, but I had to release the feeling.

  14. If its going 2 b a guaranteed hit song. Prince has only had 2 hit duets. One with Rosie Gaines & Sheena Easton. Not on some throw away song like the one with Madonna…..

  15. Hmm i am not sure.. would depend on the song i guess. At least let it b something P wrote and not A. Keys cuz after Fallin’ she didnt make anything worth listening 2

  16. Absolutely NOT. Prince should refrain from performing with posers.
    The woman is as fine as they come, but she can’t sing and can’t play.

    DON’T believe the hype. Prince should duet with Ledisi, Ferrelle, even Beyonce……..but stay far away from Ms. Keys.

  17. Yes YEs YES… did I say YES? Why dont they just jam together at the Grammys this Sunday? How ’bout it Doc? Any chance?? Dang, that wud b HOT

  18. Yes, absolutely w/out a doubt. A lot of hot~ness on the keys is what it would be!!!

  19. YES!!! They are both great artists and I would want more than one duet from them… One collaboration of a soulful, breathtaking ballad and the other one…something funky, playful and would want to make you dance, dance, dance!!

  20. Most Definitely, Alicia is my girl, I call her my “Female Prince”. I would love to see these two do a song 2gether, that would be Awesome!!!

  21. Didn’t she join him onstage during an aftershow in NYC in 2002?
    I guess so, and as Prince is said to record each and every one of his performances, that’s probably in his vault!!

  22. a kind of verbal duet it was during the second celebration in pps 2001 just during the phone intro of “how come u don’t call me anymore”….
    ….bellissime memories:)

  23. “…Would you like to see these two record together? -Dr.FB..”

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