Dios Mio! Ugly Betty Cancelled

Ugly Betty

Ugly Betty

ABC confirmed to Access Hollywood today that they have cancelled the hour-long comedy, Ugly Betty. It first aired in 2006 on Thursday nights before Grey's Anatomy. Since then, ABC has shuffled it around to Friday and more recently, to Wednesday night.

The star, America Ferrera, won a Golden Globe for her role as Betty, a style-challenged assistant at a high fashion magazine who never fails to flash her broad, brace-face smile.

Betty personifies the "be yourself" motto for primetime TV. More importantly, now who is going to get Daniel Mead out of his jams???

The last episode will air this spring. Am I the only one sad about this?-Dr.FB

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  1. Bummer. It was nice to see a show promoting a nice, intelligent Latina doing well in the corporate world. Although clearly fictional, it was refreshing to see.

  2. Going to miss the show once it has finished.

  3. Thank GOD!

  4. One of my secret favorite shows! Sometimes I don’t understand what the networks are thinking…I’m gonna miss Betty when she’s gone…

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