NBC: Conan Is Out, But His Ideas Are Still In

Conan O'Brien

Well, Conan O’Brien may have been given his walking papers from NBC’s Tonight Show, but that doesn’t mean they’ve soured on his ideas for other shows.

NBC has just greenlit “Justice”, the first show in a series produced by Conan’s NBC-based production company. Part of Conan’s deal with NBC allowed Conaco, his production company, to continue operation until the end of the development season.

“Justice” doesn’t sound like a comedy either, but it’s hard to tell. The pilot tells the story of a Supreme Court justice who quits his lifetime appointment to open his own law practice. Hilarity ensues!

Everyone is still speculating about where we’ll next see Conan on TV. What do you guys think? Where would you like to see Coco next? -Dr.FB



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