Sandra Bullock Left Home She Shares With Jesse James

Sandra Bullock harpers bazaar

Sandra Bullock harpers bazaar

DrFunkenberry.com has learned that Sandra Bullock left the Southern California home she shares with Jesse James on Monday afternoon, most likely getting word of the affair breaking to Intouch magazine and to Jesse James most likely admitting to the 11 month affair with Michelle "Bombshell" McGee.

As of right now, where Sandra is at is unknown.  I just want to say stay strong.  I have nothing but Love for you and we support you.  If her people are reading this, please get in contact if there is any message you want to share or clear up. 

Team Sandra!-Dr.FB

Update:  People.com is reporting the same thing that we have learned of Sandra Bullock has left the home she shares with Jesse James.  They confirm that she left the house on Monday.

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  1. Why does anyone marry?

  2. My grandmother and I were talking about hollywood marriages a few days ago before this story broke and she asked why do couples in Hollywood marry? Now I’m starting to wonder the same thing. The days of Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward are long gone now and it’s a damn shame.

  3. Im not surprised when I sit down adn really think about it. These days who is faithful anymore????

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