Michelle McGee’s Racist Past?

Michelle Mcgee.
Michelle Mcgee.

Michelle Mcgee. Photo: TheImproper.com

So some photos of Michelle McGee posing in some Nazi garb surface just before the weekend.  Me?  I'm more of a fan of Yahtzee anyway.

There is also a rumored photo of Jesse James in the same Nazi hat that Michelle was wearing in the photo shoot, which should have a winner and be posted soon.

It appears that Michelle has some Tats that have a W and P which some people say stands for "White Power"  which she has denied.

I think it stands for "WHORE-able Person" but that's just me. 

What do you think the W P stands for?-Dr.FB

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  1. mira como te quito la mujer …. le digo a ese estupido

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