One To Watch: Introducing Charice

You have seen her kill it on Oprah 4 times and she was discovered on YouTube in 2007.

She is only 17 years old and her voice will blow you away.  She is from the Philippines and her debut CD, which is self-titled, will be out May 11th, a day after her 18th birthday on 143/Reprise Records.

It's hard to believe that powerful voice comes from this 5'1 new sensation andwe have a feeling you will be hearing a lot about her on this site and everywhere soon.

Check out the introduction video above and for more on her, please go to her official web site

Let me know what you think.-Dr.FB

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  1. Sure, she can sing, but she won’t make it. She now sounds like a Jojo/Jordin Sparks clone.

  2. It won’t be long when Charice will really really make it big in the music scene, with such incredible vocals way way better than a lot of singers today. Only pure talent sans the obligatory “sex” and seduction gimmickry employed for marketability by both artists and recording companies. By then, all these doubters of Charice’s huge star quality will eat their words and perhaps reconsider their feeling. Charice is the real deal!

  3. The dreaming stops and the parade is about to begin.
    It was a tedious climb to the top, but, the panorama is only there “At The Top Of The PYRAMID!”

  4. To ertccty

    I respect your opinion but it seems sounds odd to me that her voice will hear on Disney. Charice’s voice can level to Whitney Houston & Celine Dion.

  5. She can sing…no doubt.But I don’t suspect that we will hear much from her on the radio.Perhaps we will hear her vocals on more animated tracks with companies such as Disney.And I agree with Justmemuchlove…not feelin it.There are many pretty faces out there with great voices.But they lack originality and a true star quality.Best of luck to her though.

  6. she has all the pipes to blow away every singers we have now…she’s amazing…

  7. Good luck to her. She has diva potential

  8. For some reason I’m not feeling. (from the moment I saw her on Oprah.. just not feeling)
    I watched the video ’till the 1.29 mn mark. But I’m sure she’ll do fine

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