Bret Michaels Still In ICU Recovering From Brain Hemorrhage

Brett Michaels File Photo
Bret Michaels File Photo

Bret Michaels File Photo

Bret Michaels is still in the ICU after suffering a brain hemorrhage last last week.  The have not found where the bleeding is coming from in his head and it appears that for right now, Bret has slurred speech and vision but is talking and fighting. 

Bret described the pain as the worst headache he has ever had and felt like he was getting hit with a baseball bat. 

Bret will be remaining in the hospital for the rest of the week as more tests are done on him.

Get well soon Bret.  Keep fighting man.-Dr.FB

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  1. he will pull through

  2. get well soon Bret!!

  3. Just terrible this whole situation is….

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