Lane Bryant “Banned” Commercial Airs On TV

So this is the Lane Bryant commercial that Fox and ABC banned from their network and debuted last night. Wonder why it was banned? Just because she is sexy for a big woman or what?

Is this commercial really that bad where 2 networks should ban it?-Dr.FB

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  1. WOW, That was a great commercial.!!!
    We need to see more of those… commercials that is.. 🙂

  2. Great ad! She looks fantastic!
    Perhaps America does not want to encourage voluptuous women to brave the elements in little else than their undies and a jacket.

  3. I love it. There was nothing wrong with that commercial.

  4. I think that it should be offensive to half the women in America that those networks banned that commercial!Nothing like them more less saying…if you look like this it is not sexy or acceptable!The average size of women in America is a size 13-14 not a 0-2.Look at your clothing store racks etc and see what sizes are usually easy to find.A overly sexual commercial that airs during hours that children are watching and that really has nothing to do with the product that they are endorsing is the Carl’s Jr Salad commercial with Kim Kardashian.That commercial to me as a women is a joke!People really do have a distorted view of what’s beautiful and it’s a shame that so many of us allow others to portray to us what they think the ideal image should be.Many loved and still love Marilyn Monroe and yet she was no size 0.I look forward to more women standing up for what is healthy and right for them as opposed to abusing themselves ,acquiring eating disorders etc in order to fit into others ideals.

  5. They banned that commercial??? I don’t get it! It’s not offensive at all. The Victoria Secret commercials are a lot more risqué and at times on the verge of soft porn. Hmmm, maybe if lane Bryant added glitter and wings to their models like Victoria Secret ads it would be ok. I’m just sayin..

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