NEW Ne-Yo “Beautiful Monster” Listen Now!

Ne Yo is dropping the new single from his latest album and it is entitled "Beautiful Monster" and we wonder if it is a tribute to Lady Gaga or just a coincidence?

The new CD will be released in October and will be titled Libra Scale.

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Give it a listen and let me know if we should "Funk it or Dunk it".-Dr.FB

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  1. Funk it! I like this song. I hope that this album will be in the same vein as this song, in that he’ll be going in more of a dance sound than an R&B one. Songs like Closer and Miss Independent and even Janet’s Rock Wit U show me that he can do it. I’m rooting for Ne-Yo with this one!

  2. Huge Neyo fan here….I like it but this does seem more like a movie track….it’s very visual musically speaking

  3. FUNK IT!
    This tune is the business!

  4. Like that he is trying to change his sound. But he just strikes me as a Babyface type of artist that should stick with a mid tempo song. But he can dance & he gave Chris Brown competition when he was hot for his live shows. So maybe it will grow on me when I see him perform it live. I mean he did write Janet Jackson’s song “Rock wit U” which I thought was pretty hot. I also like his album title . Since I’m a Libra to.

  5. I was wondering the same thing DF, when I heard the song for the first time, yesterday. I also gotta dunk it 🙁

  6. Ok, here’s my first impression…..just so-so. Now I’m a HUGE Ne-Yo fan and I’m so used to being blown away by his singles and this just sounds like someone else. But it’s not terrible. I think it’ll just have to grow on me, which usually doesn’t have to happen.

    So, funk it or dunk it….. sorry.. gotta dunk it.

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