1. chocolatebox

    And the wife needs to be investigated I suspect foul-play. Him falling at home mysteriously after domestic abuse charges. Plus she pulled the plug too soon….

  2. chocolatebox

    @ drfunkencherry Says:

    He will be missed. Diff’rent Strokes was such a big part of my tv childhood. I even voted for Gary Coleman in the CA governor’s race.

    Exactly! he was a big part of mine to and I voted for him to. He was the reason I got in the entertainment industry as a child . He was my childhood idol. I watched Different Strokes religiously every friday night. Knew every one of his lines. i am deeply sadden by his death. I saw him in person a few years ago and he didn’t look to good. I left him alone. Now he is at a place where he is at peace and will be left alone…R.I.P. GARY COLEMAN

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  4. LexAve456

    This is so sad. He had a hard life but the work he did on Different Strokes brought a lot of joy to millions of people, including me as a kid.

    R.I.P. Gary Coleman

  5. butterfli

    This makes me sad. It just seems like he was a victim of his fame. They showed a clip on the Today Show this morning and he said he was a shy kid and that he was pushed into the spotlight. Well now they will leave him alone. Rest in Peace Gary.

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