Question: Where Were You When You Found Out Michael Jackson Died?

Question: Where Were You When You Found Out Michael Jackson Died?

Michael Jackson

On the 1 year  anniversary of Michael Jackson’s passing, we look back on his career, to celebrate, to honor.  Today will feature some exclusive stories and comments from those who worked with Michael. 

My question for you is this;

Where were you when you heard Michael Jackson died?-Dr.FB



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  • B from France
    Posted at 16:39h, 27 June

    Home in Paris, France. It was late in the evening. Of course, I cried. Thriller was the first album I ever bought. It was a tape. I have it somewhere at my parents’ home. I was around 11 years old. RIP MJ.

  • TheMo0nWalKeR_20TEN
    Posted at 22:22h, 25 June

    I was at home on the computer and someone sent me a YIM saying Michael died . Of course I didn’t believe them. They sent me a link to TMZ. That was there top story on the site that MJ had died of cardiac arrest. I still didn’t really believe it. I then turned on the news. They said he was rushed to the hospital. But the news wouldn’t confirm it, even CNN…Then i turned on my favorite radio station here in LA and they were playing all MJ records. I completely lost it….The news took there time confirming it because they wanted to make sure it was accurate.

    It was just unbelievable to me. I went into a deep depression for a week…Then to find out how he died. He was murdered in his own house… R.I.P. MICHAEL JACKSON

  • Lynneland
    Posted at 17:57h, 25 June

    i was laying in hospital bed with a hole in my colon. i called my sister suzanna and said “Michael Jackson is Dead.

  • NakedMuscl3
    Posted at 17:50h, 25 June

    I was on my way from work and the train when my co-worker friend texted me that MJ had a “heart attack”. I got on my smart found and found out that he actually died. The whole train, on their phones and smart phones in shock and disbelief.

    Got home and the TV was on. We all had a good cry, even mom cried.

  • ertccty
    Posted at 14:26h, 25 June

    I was at the salon getting my hair done.I had been talking about Michael just a few minutes prior because the stylist and I were having a discussion about music.We were both saying how we don’t care much for the majority of music that is out nowadays and how much we loved the eighties stuff.One of Michael’s songs had been played in the salon a bit earlier.I had mentioned him and my other favorites and we continued our convo on the subject of music.Just before I was about to leave she had a strange look on her face and she said”I don’t know if this is true or not….and it is kinda weird since we were just talking bout him.But one of the other stylists just told me that she had just heard Michael Jackson died!”I remember having the worst feelin in the pit of my stomach and thinking…No!Please tell me it isn’t true!”When I walked out of the salon it was the strangest thing and I will never forget it!There were people outside texting ,talking to complete strangers .And I received a text from a friend telling me about MIchael.And once I had stepped into another store you could hear the latest news spreading like wild fire.I can’t recall any other moment feeling like that other than 9/11.I will never forget that day not only because of Michael,how everyone reacted but the very next day.Some of us gathered to celebrate the Purple one.It was something that we had planned for some time.But we took time to remember & celebrate Michael.I know that he will always remain a part of me because he has been with me most of my life.Gone too soon…but never forgotten .Rest in peace Michael

  • iPFL
    Posted at 12:59h, 25 June

    I was at home, listening to the news say he just died and my mouth fell open and I was like “This has got to be a joke” … It wasn’t, I’m still in shock. I watched the Word Music Awards yesterday and was just thinking it’s such a shame that he was murdered …

  • S-Endz
    Posted at 11:11h, 25 June

    With my band, Swami ( All of us in the band are huge fans. We had just travelled to our new hotel in downtown Toronto in preparation for the gig the next in Yonge-Dundas Square. I remember sitting in my hotel room when my phone started exploding with calls and texts asking if it was true. I turned on the TV and there it was. We gathered together and watched the TV, and then it was confirmed that he had died. We were all devastated.

    The next day, the promoter of our gig asked if we would split up our scheduled hour-long performance into 2 separate 30min sets with a 25 minute break in the middle to accomodate the flashmob tribute.

    This worked out amazingly for us. Thousands of people gathered to pay tribute to Michael in between our performances, as classic MJ songs blasted out over the PA. Then, the music stops. The crowd turns to us, most of them having no idea who we were.

    We walk out onto the stage, and open up with an acoustic version of “The Way You Make Me Feel” – all 10,000 people begin to sing along. The most amazing cathartic feeling you could ever imagine for an entire world in shock and sadness.

    There’s a video of that here:

    Amazingly for us – the entire crowd stayed to watch our performance and they loved it. We made so many new fans that day. As one of my bandmember said – “It’s like MJ is still helping us even though he’s gone just as much as he inspired us in his life”.

    I’ll never forget. MJ, we love you forever.

  • Paradise Nubien
    Posted at 11:09h, 25 June

    Hi & GD Mrng Doc. F.B.,

    I was driving home from work. I had been listening 2 Michael’s “Off the Wall” and some Prince music while @ work so I didn’t know what had happened til on my way home. I had to pull over and listen to what they were saying on the radio hoping it was not true. At the time I thought they were just playing a lot of his music sense he was getting ready to go on tour in the UK. I just couldn’t wrap my mind around what had happened. I lost a good friend.

    Thank you Doc. for all that you do too!!!

  • Lovenharmony
    Posted at 11:01h, 25 June

    I was at home, just cooming back from work. At first I thought it was a terrible rumor because the news said he wa in cardiac arrest and was rushed to the hospital…not already gone.

  • went2berklee
    Posted at 10:44h, 25 June

    Right before I left work, I was browsing articles on saying he had gone into Cardiac Arrest and thought nothing of it. This was about 10 minutes to 5. I logged off and headed down to the Lower East Side for doughnuts. The counter help asked me if I thought he was going to die. I replied “It’s Michael Jackson. He’s INVINCIBLE!” I made my way to the Village and I remember hearing bars blasting Michael Jackson music. At first it struck me as funny, but I had not heard the news. This was around 6. Right before heading on the subway, I turn on my BlackBerry with several texts from friends telling me he had died. Trying to get news on the story after that was difficult, as you saw tons of people on the street with their phones in hand, many with shocked looks on their faces. I’ll never forget that Thursday.

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