We Remember Michael Jackson Today & Everyday: Share Your Thoughts

It has been 2 years since Michael Jackson died.  2 years since the entertainment world was rocked to its core.  Michael Jackson, the biggest entertainer of all time, dead. TMZ.com broke the story but because of most of its content, people did not believe it.  CNN.com took hours to confirm his death.  By the end […]

Question: Where Were You When You Found Out Michael Jackson Died?

On the 1 year  anniversary of Michael Jackson’s passing, we look back on his career, to celebrate, to honor.  Today will feature some exclusive stories and comments from those who worked with Michael.  My question for you is this; Where were you when you heard Michael Jackson died?-Dr.FB


Hey everyone! It’s been a while since I have done one of these and not because I did not want to. It has more to do with time, but enough about that. So are you ready for Thanksgiving?  What are your plans?  Spending it with family? Friends? Flying anywhere? Going to the beach? I am […]

Madonna With Jesus & Family Take In Spain

Madonna & Jesus Luz

Madonna with pant legs too long, and her family along with Jesus Luz took in a day of sight-seeing of one of the most beautiful countries in the world, Spain, over the weekend. Madonna, whom other so-called great blogs who claim to be in the know said she split with Jesus, was there with Jesus.  […]

For Those That Celebrate……

I hope everyone who celebrates Easter had a great one filled with love and happiness. For those that did not, I hope you had a day filled with love and happiness. 🙂 Much love to you all, always.-Dr.FB