Premiere: Eric Benét “Sometimes I Cry” Listen Now!

Eric Benét Sometimes I Cry Promo Photo
Eric Benét Sometimes I Cry Promo Photo

Eric Benét Sometimes I Cry Promo Photo

Eric Benét is back in a big way with his new song “Sometimes I Cry” from his upcoming CD “Lost In Time” and the first single has soul and legs.

We are glad to hear Eric hitting those high notes and just being his soulful self, which sometimes, is all you need.

Check out “Sometimes I Cry” below and tell us if we should Funk It or Dunk It?  It’s getting the funk pass from me for sure.-Dr.FB





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  2. CYSW

    Ms. Testaloni has schooled Mr. Benet, very well. Of course he’s always sounded good, and Eric has always put out some soulful ballads. But, I think he’s taken a big page from the Prince’s riffs, as well as his chord progressions and enunciation. Kudos on a terrific song, and the flattery given to Prince through his “dead on” imitation.

  3. samiyah

    it’s alot of haters up here on here. so what he sounds like prince. it’s a good thing. it’s what the people want to hear. we miss the old music. leave him alone and stop hating. if u dont like his music dont listen to it.

  4. Yvonne Mouton

    Maybe you missed my first post for this song, check it out Eric Benet sings his heart out!!!!!

  5. Musgrave

    Ya I really don’t like to point out when an Artist sounds like Prince – since I felt Prince’s music set the trend on a lot of todays music….. but I just think that Eric went a little to over the line. LOL

    PS ; CHOCOLATE BOX – What’s funny is – that I had no idea he was dating one of Prince’s Ex. Now I’m glad I wrote my first comment. LOL

    Musgrave – Chicago

  6. Jasmine

    I’m so excited for Eric’s new album, but definitely don’t want to wait until September 🙁 I recently watched the making of “Sometimes I Cry” in the studio

    He’s got such an amazing voice! Love you, Eric! 🙂

  7. douglas

    he probably asks Mani about Prince a lot………oh, and I only cry when I hear Eric Benet songs because they suck eggs hard

  8. CfromtheD

    Dunk it!! Eric’s been listening to a lot of Prince and it shows… Not as good as any of Prince’s ballads.


    He tries too much to sound like Prince on some of his songs. It doesn’t help that he also is dating Prince ex.

    @ Musgrave it does sound like “U Make my Sunshine”. I will say he is gifted & talented & I do like his music. But there is only one Prince & no one does ballads like him & no one ever will…

  10. Musgrave

    Hmm I dunno.. is Right,……

    – that sounds a lot Like Prince’s ( U make My Sun Shine at Night )

    Musgrave – Chicago

  11. ChrisG

    Man, it just seems like this guy just keeps on making good music. This is a GREAT song. One hit on him is that his sound hasn’t really changed over the years, but you know what, I’m glad! He’s not trying to autotune his voice or have rappers all over his album to try to do what everyone else is doing “today.” He’s just making great effing music, and that’s what true musicians do.

    FUNK IT!!!!

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