Premiere: Soulja Boy “Blowing Me Kisses”

Auto-tune to the max!  It's new song by Soulja Boy "Blowing Me Kisses" and it's......eh.  Sure this is gonna get played at the clubs n most radio. 

What really matters is YOU.  Shall we FUNK IT or...... DUNK IT? 

You report and you decide.-Dr.FB

Comments (5)
  1. he killed dat shit rite dere…. alotta niggas hate on soulja but he be goin ham.

    i fuccs wit soulja boy da long way

  2. This is the generic stuff we gotta get useta? Im glad i have better taste.

  3. I’m going to assume that this is a late April Fools joke. Please dunk it, burn it, and bury the existence of it 🙁

  4. this song s**cks!

  5. I have to give it to him. He is having longevity. He caters to his audience & he is a self made multi millionaire @ 20…I’ll FUNK IT…..

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