Tamar Kaprelian Performs “New Day” At Plastic Plant

OK, if you are not listening to Tamar Kaprelian and her debut CD “Sinner Or A Saint” I do not know what is wrong with you. I kid. But..seriously…do yourself a favor and check her out.

She performed “New Day” at the Solar Powered Plastic Plant recently and she showed off her vocal strength on this grass roots version of the song. 

Check it out above and enter to win her debut cd at drfbcontest@gmail.com because I feel I need to hook you up with this great talent.-Dr.FB




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  2. Blech.

    hey genius, she was added AFTER it became clear that Tamar had stolen the song. for months the credits did not reflect that until enough people pointed it out. go youtube “say goodbye’ by joy williams. she ‘helped pen the song’ by writing an original song in 2005, YEARS before this piece of shit artist “wrote” new day.

  3. Nathan

    “Blech”, kinda an idiot, aren’t you?

    Sure, I’m a little late to reply to this, but look at the writing credits for “New Day” – Joy Williams is listed as a writer. So not ripping off when the original artist helped pen the song.

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  5. Blech

    Rip off artist who stole the chorus of this song from Joy Williams’ “Say Goodbye.” Why do you continually promote this hack?

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