Tamar Kaprelian

Video Premiere: “California” By Tamar Kaprelian

Our friend Tamar Kaprelian is back with a new music video “California” which also the title of hew new 5 track EP. Tamar’s last CD “Sinner Or A Saint” was released via Interscope/Cherrytree a couple of years ago and…a few things happened. Let’s just say that Tamar is HAPPY to be an independent artist.  All […]

Tamar Kaprelian & La Vie Cover “Pumped Up Kicks”

Its been a while since we have heard from Tamar Kaprelian and now she is covering “Pumped Up Kicks” with La Vie. The Foster The People song is being covered by a lot of people but Tamar and La Vie strip down the song without any whistling being needed. You all know I dig this […]

Video: Tamar Kaprelian’s Version Of “Rocketeer” Has Legs

Don’t know how we missed this but Tamar Kaprelian did a version of “Rocketeer” by Far East Movement.  Don’t know bout you, but I like the version…and think she looks better in short shorts than they do. The indie artist has always been a fav of the doc’s and would love to hear her cover […]

Tamar Kaprelian Moving Up & To A New Zip Code

Tamar Kaprelian Promo Photo

So, Tamar Kaprelian, who we were ON before anyone cared, is doing what we thought she would do and blowing up big time. Her song, “New Day” was featured on American Idol 2 weeks ago and the talented brunette’s song “Sinner Or Saint” which is the title track of her CD out now, was featured […]

Tamar Kaprelian Joins Far East Movement On Tour

Tamar Kaprelian is joining Far East Movement on tour! Fans can check out Tamar on the road when she joins Far East Movement on stage at their upcoming shows in Philadelphia on 11/9, Boston on the 11/15 and NYC on the 11/17. For now, here is “Delicate Soul” from Jack Johnson’s “Solar Powered Plastic Plant. […]