New Day

Video Premiere: Alicia Keys “New Day”

Alicia Keys has just released a new video for the song “New Day” today. Yes, it was just last week when she released a video for “Fire We Make” with Maxwell. Alicia looks beautiful and the live performance mixed in is amazingly shot. The song is uplifting and inspirational. I do like the video with […]

Tamar Kaprelian Performs “New Day” At Plastic Plant

OK, if you are not listening to Tamar Kaprelian and her debut CD “Sinner Or A Saint” I do not know what is wrong with you. I kid. But..seriously…do yourself a favor and check her out. She performed “New Day” at the Solar Powered Plastic Plant recently and she showed off her vocal strength on […]

Tamar Kaprelian Talks New CD Which Is Out Now!!!!

Good to see Tamar doing an update like this! Tamar Kaprelian’s “Sinner Or A Saint” is now out on I-Tunes and in stores as well. We are also going to be giving away physical copies and a few posters as well. Make sure though to get the I-Tunes version as it contains an acoustic version […]

Sample Tamar Kaprelian’s Debut CD!

Tamar Kaprelian Promo Photo

OK Funkenbabies.  Tamar Kaprelian is dropping her debut CD in 3 weeks and right now, you can check out 4 of the tracks from that CD. For just $2.00, you are getting these 4 songs; “New Day,” “Sinner or a Saint,” “Delicate Soul,” and “Shoulda Known Better.” “New Day” is the lead off track from […]

Tamar Kaprelian’s “New Day” Debuts On E! News

“New Day” by Tamar Kaprelian debuted on E! News with Ryan Seacrest introducing the video. He pronounced her name correctly which Made Tamar tweet: @RyanSeacrest RYAN! You did the intro to my music video NEW DAY on @ENews!!! And you pronounced my first and last name correctly! Ha!  Also Tamar punk’d yet another Starbucks.  This […]