Video Premiere: Alicia Keys “New Day”

Alicia Keys New Day Cover

Alicia Keys has just released a new video for the song "New Day" today. Yes, it was just last week when she released a video for "Fire We Make" with Maxwell.

Alicia looks beautiful and the live performance mixed in is amazingly shot. The song is uplifting and inspirational.

I do like the video with Maxwell better and this whole releasing a video every week thing is cool for the hardcore Alicia fans...but it might get lost in the shuffle to others who do not follow Alicia on the regular. For that, we are posting the Alicia/Maxwell video again.-DocFB

Diagnosis: New Month, New Day, New Alicia Video....


Tamar Kaprelian Performs “New Day” At Plastic Plant

OK, if you are not listening to Tamar Kaprelian and her debut CD "Sinner Or A Saint" I do not know what is wrong with you. I kid. But..seriously...do yourself a favor and check her out.

She performed "New Day" at the Solar Powered Plastic Plant recently and she showed off her vocal strength on this grass roots version of the song. 

Check it out above and enter to win her debut cd at drfbcontest@gmail.com because I feel I need to hook you up with this great talent.-Dr.FB


Tamar Kaprelian Talks New CD Which Is Out Now!!!!

Good to see Tamar doing an update like this!

Tamar Kaprelian's "Sinner Or A Saint" is now out on I-Tunes and in stores as well.

We are also going to be giving away physical copies and a few posters as well.

Make sure though to get the I-Tunes version as it contains an acoustic version of "New Day" that you can't get anywhere else!

Check her out above n get on her from the start!-Dr.FB


Sample Tamar Kaprelian’s Debut CD!

Tamar Kaprelian Promo Photo
Tamar Kaprelian Promo Photo

Tamar Kaprelian Promo Photo

OK Funkenbabies.  Tamar Kaprelian is dropping her debut CD in 3 weeks and right now, you can check out 4 of the tracks from that CD.

For just $2.00, you are getting these 4 songs; "New Day," "Sinner or a Saint," "Delicate Soul," and "Shoulda Known Better."

"New Day" is the lead off track from the "Sinner Or A Saint" and has been featured on many TV shows including ABC Family's The Secret Life of the American Teenager recently.

To get the songs go HERE or HERE or HERE.

I think it's a cool promo deal and hope you guys take advantage of it and let me know.-Dr.FB

Follow Tamar on Twitter for more.


Tamar Kaprelian’s “New Day” Debuts On E! News

"New Day" by Tamar Kaprelian debuted on E! News with Ryan Seacrest introducing the video.

He pronounced her name correctly which Made Tamar tweet:

@RyanSeacrest RYAN! You did the intro to my music video NEW DAY on @ENews!!! And you pronounced my first and last name correctly!

Ha!  Also Tamar punk'd yet another Starbucks.  This time taking a twitpic of her leaving postcards at the Agoura Hills Starbucks location. 

Hmm.  Is that cross promotion we smell soon or is that a frappuccino?  Time will tell.  More Kaprelian news on the way later this week.

For now, enjoy the full video of "New Day" by your girl TK.-Dr.FB


Tamar Kaprelian’s “New Way” Towards A “New Day”

Tamar Kaprelian. Photo: Myspace.com/TamarKaprelian
Tamar Kaprelian. Photo: Myspace.com/TamarKaprelian

Tamar Kaprelian. Photo: Myspace.com/TamarKaprelian

Tamar Kaprelian was being a chameleon yet again n this time switching her tactics of her unofficial Starbucks Product Placement Tour 2010.

She struck  at Starbucks of the U of M,  twice at  Chicago's O'Hare  Airport and on Sunday in Granada Hills, CA where she left a CD instead of the promo post cards she had been leaving.

Also, TK's CD drops on August 24th and here is the official track list for her debut CD "Sinner Or A Saint";

  • New Day
  • Delicate Soul
  • Sinner or a Saint
  • Transcend
  • Should Have Known Better
  • March Morning
  • Raining in Paradise
  • Purifed
  • The Otherside
  • We can't for you guys to hear Tamar's CD "Sinner or A Saint" on August 24th.  It will be available on Itunes.

    Also, we are going to have some very cool TK news later this week so stay tuned!!!!!-Dr.FB

    Tamar Kaprelian. Photo: TeamIGA

    Tamar Kaprelian. Photo: TeamIGA


    Tamar Kaprelian: Coming To An Airport Coffee Shop Near You!

    Tamar Kaprelian's Airport Coffee Shop Takeover. Photo: Tamar Kaprelian
    Tamar Kaprelian's Airport Coffee Shop Takeover. Photo: Tamar Kaprelian

    Tamar Kaprelian's Airport Coffee Shop Takeover. Photo: Tamar Kaprelian

    OK, I love this.  Not only because I used to do stuff like that when promoting myself but it just shows dedication.

    So, while Tamar Kaprelian has been on tour, she usually visits airport coffee shops and she leaves her mark.  No, she doesn't open sugar packs and put them back.  The mark I am talking about is that  she leaves a few promo cards of herself and upcoming CD, (which the doc still does not have an advance copy of to blast over L.A. by the way..ahem.) and takes photos of it. 

    There is nothing wrong with a little self promotion and if we had a few promo cards, each time we got a Venti Zen 2 bags from Starbucks, we would most likely do the same thing for her. 

    So, if TK is in your city, she just may strike your airport coffee shop.  You have been warned. 

    BTW, here are her tour dates so you can see her in concert or scour the airports looking for the promo postcards:

    7/9 – Café 939 (The Red Room) – Boston MA 
    7/10 – North Star Bar – Philadelphia, PA 
    7/12 – Mercury Lounge – New York, NY (21+)
    7/14 – El Mocambo – Toronto, ON
    7/15 – Blind Pig – Ann Arbor, MI 
    7/16 – Beat Kitchen – Chicago, IL 

    n here is the OG video for "New Day" to hold you over for now.-Dr.FB