Early Photos From Prince’s NYC Press Conference


T minus 30 minutes until Prince's press conference kicks off at the Apollo in New York City. What will he announce? I see LiveNation in the poster above...hmmm.

If you're on the scene, leave a comment to let us know what's happening. And stay tuned to drfunkenberry.com for all the details after the event.

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  1. Lol. That was probably Bria who just dished that info about Prince being spotted with Misty. And I hope to God its true. Misty is 10x’s prettier and talented than Bria Fakelente.

    I heard he broke up with Bria and is finally kicking her to the curb so she can find another rich man to leech fame and money off of.

    Prince, if you haven’t FB befriended Bria Valente’s “fan” page, you should see what she has of you on there.

    What a sad representation of you.

    I would be happy to see you with a girl who doesn’t have a reputation for being a slut in LA.

    “Mystified”. That should be Copelands new nickname.
    Misty is brand new and Bria would have a hard time going around the internet trying to dish dirt on her because there is none. Lmao.

    Bria Valente makes you look like a homosexual and she’s the least attractive protege to date.

    I hope Prince smartens up real soon

  2. Immanuel6:
    Thanks. This is – even with Prince’s standards – a new dissapointment record. After cancelling a fitfth concert in Finland, he’s mainly a joke round here. It’s quite sure, he won’t ever perform in Helsinki.

    He’s definitely loosing his audience in Finland. Here, no other artist has been so rude towards local fan base.

    Anyway, enjoy his presence in New York. I’m giving up after several hotel reservations, bought tickets for cancelled shows etc. I hope, he has more respect for New Yorkers.

  3. Ohhhhhh It’s gonna be a funky month

  4. Poor Bria the doormat.

  5. Dam bria pushed aside again! lol

  6. Misty Copeland is very talented and yet just another chick that Prince is “interested” in. The list of women keeps getting longer LMAO Whether he has hit it already or is gearing up to, he is definately trying to impress! Putting her in this concert poster with him, why? I don’t know, and was recently spotted having a “romantic dinner” with her in Marthas Vineyard during her 5 week dance workshop there. Prince is a busy man. So many girls all around the world, so little time!! Sorry Bria, if thats your boyfriend, he wasnt last night or the night before or the night before. Wink This NYC residency will be juicy! Watch those two, she might bite ;0

  7. lol….prince liked “Waiting for Superman” ……..kinda shows you how rich and out of touch he is with reality

  8. What is it???? I’m so excited!!!!!!!!!! I hope it’s 20Ten release promoted by a US Tour!!!! Got to see my Prince, I will be going to alot of the shows!!! LOL

  9. And what is with genva?
    I still have my 260 CHF (250$) ticket in my hand!!!!

    Come first 2 Switzerland!!!

    B Funky wundi

  10. A Residency ? He’s gonna be at The Apollo, with Graham Central Station (GOD NO MORE LARRY GRAHAM!!!) Mint Condition, Sheila E. Janelle Monae and others, on a residency ?

  11. yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. I hope to hell it means he’s gonna tour here again. I haven’t seen him live in about 15 years! And, what about the rumor he’s gonna tour with Earth Wind and Fire ? If that happens, it’s gonna be HUGE!!!

  13. nice pics hope theres a video of the press conference

  14. Sorry Pasi……

  15. Welcome to America, farewell the gigs in Helsinki and Antwerpern…again

  16. Where can I listen to the press conference….I’m here in Cali….

  17. oh yeah…starting to get goofy giggly here right now

  18. Its about to get funky!

  19. The photos are awesome! Looks like there could/might/may/will be a tour in the US. lol I so hope that I will be able to get to one of the shows. Have yet to see Prince live.

  20. And…he playing the bass…..that’s been a while…!

  21. The photos look awesome, maybe Prince is going to annouce a residency at the Apollo Theatre. The photos look badass.

  22. So Prince is touring America. What a shock!! LMAO!!

  23. … it’s gettin’ HOT in here !!!


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