New Michael Jackson! “Much Too Soon” Listen Now!

Michael Jackson File Photo

A new Michael Jackson song is here.  It was released on I-Tunes today and is titled “Much Too Soon” and will be on the “Michael” CD due out December 14th.

This one is MJ…..but not sure if I am liking it yet.  Just being honest.  The description says this;

“Michael always liked it but never found the right home for it.”

I’m starting to see more n more that maybe MJ never intended for this stuff to see the light of day.  Can we get something upbeat that sounds like him this time?

What do you guys think of the “New” Michael Jackson song?-Dr.FB




  1. billy

    it sounds great, but i feel that it missing a verse or something, i dont think it was finished, and i dont think it was meant to be released. i liked hold my hand, and i like this, and breaking news doesnt make too much sense. but all in all mj is great.

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  3. 1817

    this one is MJ for sure…..thing is, from what i have heard so far — breaking news, hold my hand and this one — cd is shaping up to be a disapointment.

  4. ChrisG

    ….zzzzzzzzzz…..huh!? what??? Oh, how long was I out? Yeah, this song is really simple and boring. Just because it’s there and recorded doesn’t mean it should be released. I hope all of these songs being released don’t tarnish the musical reputation MJ has built up.

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