Old School Jam Of The Moment Remixed: “Sexual Healing” Marvin Gaye X Dilla

Marvin Gaye. Image Uncredited

Marvin Gaye. Image Uncredited

Our Old School Jam Of The Moment Is “Sexual Healing” by Marvin Gaye.

This time….with the help of DJ. B.Bless we are doing it in a remix.  Dilla would be proud n so would Marvin.

The mix titled “J. Gay aka Marvin Dee” mixes “Sexual Healing” in a funky way you never heard of before.

Check. It. Out.


Today is B. Bless’s birthday and he has got crazy style.

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Let me know what you think of the mix of “Sexual Healing”  by B.Bless.-Dr.FB




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  2. Redbird

    Don’t like it at all!!!, love the original, always better, his vocals alone is what makes it sexy, kind of liked the the drum though, what can I say.

  3. Dlyrical1

    Not sure what kinda healing Bless is looking for or maybe he aint sexual like Marvin was but this is really off point.

  4. Royal Rican Prince

    Are U crazy?!?! This UTTERLY SUCKED! Marvin IS flippping in his final resting place!

  5. Dillahdollahbillz

    Yes!!!!! Love it. how did you get Marvin’s vocals out of the origianl mix and into this one. Loving it!

  6. Grooving

    I am digging it. Think I am gonna put this in the mix when I get some friday night…..

  7. John

    No, sorry this does not do it for me..
    The original version is far superior to this weird mix.. the tempo is way off

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