When Are Americans Going To Pay Attention To Jessie J?

Jessie J is a big deal.....overseas. Not yet in the U.S. of A. Even with a cool appearance on Saturday Night Live a few weeks back. "Price Tag" is a good track as well.

So, we ask you, what does Jessie J. have to do to break over here when she has that pop feel already?-Dr.FB

Diagnosis: Only A Matter Of Time Before She Breaks Through

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  1. Sounds like a bunch of other top 40 acts to me. Not bad, but nothing special.

  2. I saw her at G-A-Y Heaven in London a few weeks ago and she was amazing live, I first heard of her when Adam Lambert tweeted her ‘Do it like a Dude’ video a while ago. I hope people start to recognise her talent more as she really deserves it.

  3. When she stops wasting her talent on lackluster music.She is MUCH better than the music allows her to be.A shame!

  4. Sounds good. She reminds me a bit of Duffy. Thanks for sharing.

  5. unfortunately Will I Am might need to do a remix, or Akon might need to sing on it for it to break in the U.S……….this should be a hit!! it is almost too good for U.S. radio though

  6. perhaps Will I Am needs to do a remix to break here, or Akon………..because this could be a big hit

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