“Macho Man” Randy Savage To Have Private Memorial

Randy Savage & 2nd Wife Lynn Payne. Press Photo
Randy Savage & 2nd Wife Lynn Payne. Press Photo

Randy Savage & 2nd Wife Lynn Payne. Press Photo

Randy "Macho Man" Savage will have a private funeral per the wrestler's request and wishes before his passing.  The funeral will only be family, no one else.

Lanny Poffo, Randy's brother (real name Randy Poffo) is taking care of his brother's wishes and Randy will be cremated by his favorite tree, a place where Randy's beloved dog was cremated and buried around several years ago. 

His cause of death is still not known as he had a car accident shortly before his death.

The date was not given as when the private memorial will take place obviously.-Dr.FB

Diagnosis:  It's A Dog's Life

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  1. randy macho man savage was my favorite wrestler,and and even though i didn’t know him personally,he seemed like he was happy and at peace in his life. he will be greatly missed.oooohhhh yyyyeeeaaahh!!!

  2. drfunkenberry: The was nothing in the ME’s report that said it WAS NOT a heart attack. The only thing it said is that the ME did not find any injuries that were serious enough to have caused death. A massive heart attack can occur in somebody who does not have existing heart disease, whose heart does not turn out to be enlarged, etc. and with no existing history, the heart would have appeared normal on a post mortem exam.

    If you think about it, sudden cardiac death is the only thing that really makes logical sense. Randy’s wife, Lynn, was in that accident, too, and sustained only minor injuries. They weren’t riding in a 2-cylinder roller skate of a car, it was a Jeep. Put 2 people in a Jeep, wearing their seatbelts, and even hitting a tree at 30 miles an hour there should not be injuries serious enough to cause death yet Randy died. He wasn’t weaving in and out of traffic for any lenth of time like a drunk person might be doing; someone saw the accident happen and it was sudden.

    From all accounts that have come to light since Friday, from people who would know, Randy and Lynn lived a quiet life, much like the average person. They weren’t flamboyant or with a constant craving for youthful limelight. And they weren’t into the drugging and drinking that so many of his former colleagues indulged in. That guy the ret of us knew as “Macho Man” was close to his parents, missed his Dad, looked after his widowed mother, and loved his dog. I look at the picture of Randy and Lynn at their wedding last year and, unlike a lot of the guys from that old crowd, Randy looked very much a peace with where he was in his life, understood that there was value to the years after 40, and he felt no need or desire to try to be 25 again. What struck me the most is that he looked genuinely happy which can’t be said about the lives of a lot of the stars we all have watched over the years and, along with being only 58 years old, that is what make his loss so terribly sad.

  3. Cremated by a tree? LOL! How about – his cremated remains will be scattered beside a tree?

    His cremation will be done in a crematory – not a funeral pyre.

  4. The autopsy is stating it was NOT a heart attack as first reported.

  5. It was found that Randy had a heart attack before the crash and as a result of that, died.

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