Breaking: Whitney Houston’s Cause Of Death Ruled Accidental Drowning; Cocaine Found In Her System

Whitney Houston File Photo
Whitney Houston File Photo

Whitney Houston File Photo

Whitney Houston's cause of death has been ruled an accidental drowning, according to People.com, who broke the story.

Whitney had cocaine in her system when she died. The reasons/causes attributing to the drowning are being blamed on cocaine use and heart disease.

Houston was found dead Feb. 11th in her hotel room at the Beverly Hilton.

When we have more information, will pass it on.-DocFB


Etta James Passes Away At The Age of 73

Etta James. Photo: Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images
Etta James. Photo: Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

Etta James. Photo: Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

The music world lost a legend today as the singer of "At Last" & "Something's Got A Hold On Me",  Etta James has died at the age of 73.

It was announced last month that Etta was "terminally ill" last month.  The singer was diagnosed with Leukemia in 2010 and also was battling Hepatitis C.

She passed away at a hospital in Riverside, California.  Her manager confirmed that in a statement.

Etta had a style that just cannot be touched.  She will be missed in so many ways.-DocFB


Coroner’s Report: Amy Winehouse Death Ruled By Alcohol

Amy Winehouse. Photo: PacificCoastNewsOnline.com

Amy Winehouse. Photo: PacificCoastNewsOnline.com
3 months after her passing, Amy Winehouse's death was announced. It appears she drank herself to death.

Amy's blood alcohol level was 4 times the legal limit, according to the coroner's report.  The labeled it as "Death by misadventure" and drugs did not play a part.

Winehouse's family has already released a statement:

"It is some relief to finally find out what happened to Amy.  We understand there was alcohol in her system when she passed away, it is likely a build up of alcohol in her system over a number of days."

"The court heard that Amy was battling hard to conquer her problems with alcohol and it is a source of great pain to us that she could not win in time. She had started drinking again that week after a period of abstinence."

"It underlines how important our work with the Amy Winehouse Foundation is to us, to help as many young people and children as we can in her name."

"It means a lot to us and from the overwhelming messages of support we have had since Amy died, we know she meant a great deal to people all over the world.  We want to thank everyone for that and for their continuing enthusiasm for the Foundation."

In some weird way, I do not feel closure in knowing how Amy died.  I am not sure Amy's family does as well.  The thing is, we lost a talent whose death may have been avoided.

When Amy passed, this song was playing in my head and I want to share it with you now.

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Here is "Miss You" by Breakerbox.  Miss you Amy.-DocFB

Diagnosis:  Addiction...sometimes...is stronger than Love....


Amy Winehouse’s Father Gives Her Clothes Away To Fans

Amy Winehouse. Photo: Flynetonline.com

Amy Winehouse. Photo: Flynetonline.com

Mitch Winehouse, the father of Amy Winehouse, has been grieving since his daughter's death last weekend.  He has been grieving in different ways as any person would be in this situation.  He also understands that Amy's fans have been grieving.  Mitch decided to give away some of Amy's belongings to her fans.

Mitch came up to fans still mourning the singer by her Camden place where she used to live and died, and gave out clothes,  jewelery and more.  The singer was buried on Tuesday.

Mitch said this to fans after giving away her things;  "There are Amy's T-shirts. This is what she would have wanted — for her fans to have her clothes. God bless Amy Winehouse.”

There are reports from family members and doctors that Amy may have died by trying to quit cold turkey when it came to alcohol, as we reported earlier.

We will not know her cause of death for another 2 to 3 weeks.-Dr.FB

Diagnosis:  Hope Those Items Do NOT End Up On Ebay


Amy Winehouse’s Death Due To Alcohol Withdrawal?

Amy Winehouse  Photo: SplashNewsOnline.com

Amy Winehouse Photo: SplashNewsOnline.com

Another day, another reason how Amy Winehouse may have died.  This time, an "insider"s is saying the way Amy quit alcohol so fast may have led to her death.  Ahh.  Ok there little buddy.

The insider claims "Abstinence gave her body such a fright, they thought it was eventually the cause of her death."

The thing is, Amy Winehouse's father, Mitch, is saying this absolutely could be the reason.

Doctors had told Amy to gradually reduce her intake of alcohol and to avoid bingeing at all costs. Amy told him she couldn't do that. It was all or nothing and she gave up completely.  The shock of giving up, after everything she had been through over a bad few years, was just too much for her to take."

Wow.  So do you believe that perhaps in her rush to get clean, her heart couldn't take it and she died?  We will have to wait 2 to 4 weeks for the toxicology reports still.-Dr.FB

Diagnosis:  Cold Turkey Is The Cause?


Amy Winehouse Autopsy Does Not Show Cause Of Death

Amy Winehouse. Photo: Flynetonline.com
Amy Winehouse. Photo: Flynetonline.com

Amy Winehouse. Photo: Flynetonline.com

The autopsy of Amy Winehouse is complete and no cause of death has been established.  The toxicology tests will take 2 to 4 weeks for the results.

Everyone and their grandmother is assuming what killed Amy Winehouse was drugs.  We can speculate all we want, and your grandmother may be right, but we are going to wait for the results to come back. 

 It doesn't matter how she died.  The main thing is she did die.....-Dr.FB

Diagnosis:  Human Life Still Is Valuable


“Macho Man” Randy Savage To Have Private Memorial

Randy Savage & 2nd Wife Lynn Payne. Press Photo
Randy Savage & 2nd Wife Lynn Payne. Press Photo

Randy Savage & 2nd Wife Lynn Payne. Press Photo

Randy "Macho Man" Savage will have a private funeral per the wrestler's request and wishes before his passing.  The funeral will only be family, no one else.

Lanny Poffo, Randy's brother (real name Randy Poffo) is taking care of his brother's wishes and Randy will be cremated by his favorite tree, a place where Randy's beloved dog was cremated and buried around several years ago. 

His cause of death is still not known as he had a car accident shortly before his death.

The date was not given as when the private memorial will take place obviously.-Dr.FB

Diagnosis:  It's A Dog's Life