Eminem Disses Lady Gaga In New Song “A Kiss” Listen Now!


Oh boy.  Eminem has made a career on taking anyone on. Maybe this time, he took on more than he can chew.  In a new track called "The Kiss", he disses Lady Gaga.

In his side project "Good Meets Evil" with another Detroit rapper Royce Da 5'9, he talks about wanting to get with Katy Perry but when it comes to Gaga, he takes a stab at her gender.  "Good Meets Evil" will be released June 13th.

"Tell Lady Gaga she can quit her job at the post office/She’s still a male lady"

Wow.  Not as powerful as some of his other disses at NSYNC and Moby back in the day, but still.  Her fan base is huge.  It is either on her to ignore it or give it juice n pour some fuel on it. 

What do you think of the song and what do you think of Em's diss at Gaga?-Dr.FB

Diagnosis:  Role Play

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  1. lady gaga sucks so she should shut fuk her pussy and as for bieber well .Lady gaga rot in hell you daughter of satan fuck lucifer you witch you suck

  2. yep this wl surely prve dat DNT FCK WIT MARSHALL! #go daddy#

  3. yeah thats why bad meets evil,to destroy the shit out of women like beiber and ladyboy gaga

  4. oh! yeah my husband….gr8 job!! bdw i ws lyikin gaga 2..!! but u hated her so me 2..!!muaahhhaaaa..!!! good keep it up!!! <3 (:

  5. Eminem and everyone else has the right to say what they want about anything, including Lady Gaga. So shut up haters.

  6. Thanks god, Lady Gaga is fucking parody. Ye u singing as Em coz Eminem is rapper idiot. Have you got the fastest flow and lyrical talent as Eminem? No? Ok, shut up idiot.

  7. HAHA GAGA sucks period @ music….she is a pro at putting on ridiculous ass clothes though….lmao

  8. Who is Lady Gage? Another pop star? Go Em diss all of them,they suck anyways..

    Now on to diss the rest of pop artists.
    go go go

  10. Before u GAGA fans could say anything about eminem dont forget what she said in a interview of hers about the “GREATEST RAPPER”…She probably refered to eminem chek out d link ” youtube.com/watch?v=BWZVWd-QoLY “..she deserves to be dissed.

  11. Em is at it again! Even though i’m not a Gaga fan, I dnt think its right. Em please get a life mayne!

  12. I Love Lady Gaga ! but Em’s my man. and i Think its just for the music and i hope it doesnt affect her

  13. Gaga teaches love—that dude teaches hate! Assfuck!

  14. I’m not shocked here. Untalented people try and make careers by making controversy. I sing as well as Eminem. Ugly skinny loser..

  15. Code Breaker he just announced hes making a new album. Thats why you havn’t heard about it. Kids go crazy for him. Most albums sad in the past decade so he is doing something right. Speaks his mind gotta appreciate a man who can do that.

  16. I love gaga and eminem but I love Eminem wayyy more! go Em!! thats slim shady baby!

  17. Eminem is awesome. It wouldn’t matter if that Gaga chick ignored him or not. He wouldn’t care. It’s his style, and personally I love it! He doesn’t care what people say or think about him, and that’s why his music’s awesome. Lady Gaga can get over herself, and not take it so personal.

  18. He wouldnt be Eminem if he didnt do this…Thats his style and thats what people want from him

  19. he’s been doing this for over 11 years and has been selling tens of millions of albums… Lady Gaga does look like a man

  20. I think it’s sad when someone has to put down someone in their song. What’s the reason? If they truly hate the person they’re talking about why can’t they just say it to their face instead of using the hatred to make them money? It makes them look bad as a person. I have no respect for someone like that. If you don’t have respect for yourself how are you going to respect anyone else? Maybe it’s all an act to get more publicity but to me it’s childish and immature.

  21. Who is eminem?

  22. So, Gaga is his latest victim ignorant attacks, eh? I have to say, the rhythms this guy drums up, and the feel of his songs are catchy, but his attitude sucks! First off, what is he trying to gain, other than “partnering” with those who already feel that way? Either those who like her won’t agree, and those who don’t, will agree. It’s supposedly for the sake of his art, but really… must he bow down to the popular tack of slinging mud like a politician? In any case, what if she is a “hermaphrodite”… a term that has been removed from popular jargon for different terms (the term has been used by media – not Eminem as far as I know)? Really, so what? It’s not as if someone chooses that anyway, like he chooses to disclose his ignorance.

  23. this low class white ni**er is so angry and hates women. From his mother to his wife to any one who may dare to love him. When is he gonna shut the f*** up. His anger seeps through his songs, his voice grates on the listener. He’s not a fun guy. Hey Em – buy a loaded gun and stick it in your mouth and blow what little of your brains is left out and kill yourself cause you are a waste of space.


  24. I think that artists should lay off each other if only for respect. Using a diss on Lady Gaga to get your new CD promoted is really low. To be honest, I never heard of his new CD till reading this story about him dissing Lady Gaga in a song. Thats pretty damn sad I think and I think that is doesn’t say much about him as a person.

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