Scott Wolf Joins The Cast Of CSI

Scott Wolf File Photo

Scott Wolf File Photo

You might remember Scott Wolf from “Party Of Five” from the 90’s and we wouldn’t blame you.  Scott still looks the same.  You will be getting to know Scott in a different way as he will be joining one of the most successful franchises on TV right now: CSI. 

According to our friends at TVLine, Scott will be playing FBI agent Casey Stratton and will influence the detectives of CSI in different “surprising” ways.  Will he be showing us revealing shots of Jennifer Love Hewitt?  We kid. We kid.  But Scott, if you do have it, we would like to see.  I promise I won’t post them.  Ahem. 

We are told not to miss the first 5 minutes of the return of CSI in September.  It is going to be explosive.  I knew it.  Scott is going to show us revealing shots of J. Love.  Er, Mark Harmon is giving me a weird look. 

So what do you think of Scott Wolf on CSI?-Dr.FB

Diagnosis:  Where’s Neve Campbell BTW?



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