TBS Cancels Lopez Tonight! Last Show Tomorrow!~

Lopez Tonight Promo
Lopez Tonight Promo

Lopez Tonight Promo

We have been hearing about this for a week and TBS made it official this morning; they are cancelling "Lopez Tonight" and the last episode will be Thursday.  We wonder how George Lopez feels about this.

We also wonder if Conan did not push "Lopez Tonight" to midnight if George would still be on the air. 

TBS has been discussing cancelling "Lopez Tonight" for months.  I was surprised last week when it was brought to my attention that TBS was leaning in that direction. 

We will have more on this story later.

Diagnosis:  Sold Out Or Sell Out?

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  1. NOOOO9, my life ends tomorrow at 12am. . . just saying.

  2. George lopez is not funny. Didn’t his sitcom get canceled too?

  3. DAYUM I love George and love his show. DAYUM

  4. His show is way better than unfunny Conan.

  5. Oh, that’s right…George agreed to push his show back an hour when Coco came back.

  6. Boooooo!

  7. And I did not even get to see Joe Jonas when he was on…..

  8. Wow

  9. What the freak, mahn?

  10. That sucks

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