Is TBS Learning About Conan What NBC Already Knew?

George Lopez & Conan O'Brien Photo: AccessHollywood.com
George Lopez & Conan O'Brien Photo: AccessHollywood.com

George Lopez & Conan O'Brien Photo: AccessHollywood.com

I am not going to make you search for what NBC knew and TBS is just finding out about Conan.  I am going to say it right now.  Conan O'Brien is a better follower than a lead-in.  The only thing saving Conan from being cancelled like "Lopez Tonight" is his ad buy rate and that he got nominated for an Emmy.

Conan is on cruise control and if he can shift into high gear, he will be getting cancelled this time next year.  It is just how he was on "The Tonight Show" when he took over.  Only after getting threatened by NBC to put Leno back did Conan switch into high gear and become funny.  Now, he is back to his usual self, even shaving off his beard a couple of months ago.

I am not going to hate on Leno.  Anyone with a brain should have known they gave him that 10 p.m. time slot just in case Coco couldn't do it.  Why couldn't he see that?  Just because an executive says you have a job doesn't mean you stop trying n act like you don't need to do anything but show up.  You hear everything about Leno.  He is unfunny.  Safe.  Old.  Tired out.  You never hear about his work ethic.  He kills it.  That is why "The Tonight Show" was back to number 1 as soon as Jay was put back in the seat.

Jimmy Fallon's success is mainly because Leno is a good lead-in for him.  If NBC did not pull Conan when they did, it would have been Fallon getting cancelled and Lopez still on at 11 going strong.  Conan sucks as a lead-in.  George's ratings at 11 were fine but have him follow Conan at 12, Conan was losing 40% of the viewership before G.Lo even went on the air.

There was a reason last year when I said Fox should sign Conan to late night but bring "Lopez Tonight" to Fox and let George be the lead-in and Conan the follower.  If TBS wasn't so hard for Conan and his demands, George would have been the 11 P.M. guy and Conan would have followed and they both would still have a job.

Conan was the man from 2002 til 2005.  Almost 10 years ago.   Jimmy Kimmel is edgier and that is saying something.  Fallon tries harder . He stopped laughing at his own jokes and has that Leno lead-in.  Bottom line; If Conan is better than Jay, he better start proving it already.-Dr.FB

Diagnosis:  Team Coco?  More Like Team No-No


TBS Cancels Lopez Tonight! Last Show Tomorrow!~

Lopez Tonight Promo
Lopez Tonight Promo

Lopez Tonight Promo

We have been hearing about this for a week and TBS made it official this morning; they are cancelling "Lopez Tonight" and the last episode will be Thursday.  We wonder how George Lopez feels about this.

We also wonder if Conan did not push "Lopez Tonight" to midnight if George would still be on the air. 

TBS has been discussing cancelling "Lopez Tonight" for months.  I was surprised last week when it was brought to my attention that TBS was leaning in that direction. 

We will have more on this story later.

Diagnosis:  Sold Out Or Sell Out?


Video: The Twinz Get Splanked For George Lopez!


They are planking for peace...and splanking for....fun?  The Twinz, Prince's dancers and master plankers are taking on the new form of planking.  Splanking!

It is exactly like it sounds and I bet you wish you could do the splanking but the Twinz are so disciplined, they can do it themselves...to themselves.

Maya and Nandy have Donielle Artese and Ann K. on this time for a special lowrider edition of Splanking.  This is the FULL version of the Lowrider Splanking clip.  A shorter version was on George Lopez's show.

Check out the video above and keep planking for peace!-Dr.FB

Diagnosis:  The Plank4Peace Crew In Full Effect


Prince Thanks The Purple People!

Prince Welcome 2 America Thank You

Prince Welcome 2 America Thank You

With 21 Nights done in Los Angeles, Prince wants to thank you, the quarter of a million people who saw him during his 21 Night Stand.

Special thanks to George Lopez, The Troubadour, House Of Blues, Live Nation, The Fabulous Forum, and all of you Purple People who will keep Inglewood Swingin'!

What a fun and funktastic time it was.  Much Love to Prince and all of you for making this happen.-Dr.FB

Diagnosis:  Can We Do It 1 More Time?  No?  OK


Prince: Behind The Symbol Special! Watch Now!

Here is the Prince: Behind The Symbol special.

The Africa Channel is hoping you guys can call your local cable operators and request that they carry the Africa Channel.

Enjoy the special.-Dr.FB

Diagnosis: Better Late Than Never


Prince Is All Over L.A. For 21 Nights: Special Guests

Photo By Gigi Miranda
Photo By Gigi Miranda

Photo By Gigi Miranda

There are billboards of Prince all over Los Angeles like the one above.  Nice to see him everywhere as much as we see Kim Kardashian posters all over town.

Not only is Prince all over L.A., he has a half hour special entitled "Prince: Behind The Symbol airing on the Africa Channel.  We tried to host some of the clips on this site, but there has been some misunderstanding and we are still trying to get it worked out.

The special features pre-show comments from celebs, fans, members of Prince's band, the N.P.G., Prince's new BFF George Lopez, and more.   It also features live footage, not from L.A. but Charlotte, NC.  Funky!

Also, opening up for Prince Friday night at the Forum will be R&B group Mint Condition.


Ahem.  All I can say is it's a girl.  She's just a girl..but more than that to us.  Trust me.  You want to be there. 

N Prince, if I post the video of this....surprise performer and you....please let us have it up for at least 72 hours to share the surprise with those people in London always griping to the Doc.  K?  Thanks!-Dr.FB

Diagnosis:  Opening night was just a taste of the FUNK!


Video: Prince’s Interview From Lopez Tonight

Here is last night's "Lopez Tonight" interview by George Lopez of Prince.

Haven't seen Prince laugh like that in a while. Check out the interview above and let us know what you think.-Dr.FB

Diagnosis: Artichoke Funky!