Prince To Tour Australia….?

Prince.  Photo:  NPG Records 2011
Prince. Photo: NPG Records 2011

Prince. Photo: NPG Records 2011

We have been hearing for a while rumors of PRINCE touring Australia this summer and we are here to tell you....not so fast. Unfortunately.

We have been told that there are NO confirmed PRINCE concerts in Australia at this time.

If anything changes, we will keep you posted.-DocFB

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  1. Excited at the thought of P bringing the funk back to Oz. Though its only a rumour we are still buzzing with positivity.

  2. Ill trade Lady GaGa for Prince anyday!!!

  3. Prince shows up somewhere and the crowds follow. He doesn’t need a website now; that’s frustrating for so many of us, but it suits his ‘whim’… He could explore so many innovative and inspired ways to deliver his work to mass-buyers…and he probably will, just exactly when he feels like it…

  4. Wha’ever … “sigh”

  5. He will come… just matter of when, $$ & gaga lol

  6. AussiePrinceFan – no one has technically confirmed anything – some have certainly strengthened rumours through their responses via Twitter, but smiley faces and “stay tuned” messages do not constitute confirmation šŸ˜‰

    I’m pretty confident of this one though…just need to wait it out.

    As for the “unfortunate” news that there are no confirmed concerts for Australia just yet, I believe that’s why they’re called rumours.

    Had the concerts already been confirmed, they’d be called news.

  7. Not confirmed by Prince himself, but confirmed by his band & dj via twitter lol

    Tell Prince he needs to get his own website so his fans aren’t left wondering half the time!

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