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  2. Breathless

    Excited at the thought of P bringing the funk back to Oz. Though its only a rumour we are still buzzing with positivity.

  3. Michael

    Prince shows up somewhere and the crowds follow. He doesn’t need a website now; that’s frustrating for so many of us, but it suits his ‘whim’… He could explore so many innovative and inspired ways to deliver his work to mass-buyers…and he probably will, just exactly when he feels like it…

  4. Still Optimistic

    AussiePrinceFan – no one has technically confirmed anything – some have certainly strengthened rumours through their responses via Twitter, but smiley faces and “stay tuned” messages do not constitute confirmation šŸ˜‰

    I’m pretty confident of this one though…just need to wait it out.

    As for the “unfortunate” news that there are no confirmed concerts for Australia just yet, I believe that’s why they’re called rumours.

    Had the concerts already been confirmed, they’d be called news.

  5. AussiePrinceFan

    Not confirmed by Prince himself, but confirmed by his band & dj via twitter lol

    Tell Prince he needs to get his own website so his fans aren’t left wondering half the time!

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