Rihanna Takes To Twitter To Slam Chris Brown. Yes, Again

Rihanna Out n About In L.A. Photo: Famepictures.com

File this under "what the funk was she expecting?" Rihanna is upset with Chris Brown after hooking up with him and him hooking back up with his ex.

Rihanna took to twitter, kind of like your friends take to Facebook to bitch about their boyfriends, or posts about their cats. Regardless, she took to Twitter in a message directed at Brown to state:

"“Never underestimate a man’s ability to make you feel guilty for his mistakes.”

Is anyone actually feeling sorry for her?

What happened to "Ain't body's business between me and my baby?" Hmm. Right.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Wonder if she sent that tweet bottomless....

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  1. LOL!! Its funny u guys say tht cuz iv done doubble takes several times when thumbin thru sum mags….I thought it was Prince but was her.

  2. Yeah…I noticed that Rihanna does try to “channel” Prince.

  3. Seriously, she looks a bit like Prince…. :-)

  4. I like ‘em both, Chris more so but ghee-whizzzy she sure is being a silly-willy. The track they did 2gether , ain’t nobody’s business is not a bad track. It has a MJ vibe 2 it.

    Rhinna needs an older man who knows how 2 treat such a wonderful creature…..am sure Prince would lov 2 plant her a rose garden ; ) just sayin.

  5. Yep, Rihanna is definitely weak minded and feeble if she continues with Brown. The boy has issues….but so does she….

  6. You’d think a person who thinks she’s smart enough to give others advice would be smart enough to not go back out with the guy who brutally beat her up.

  7. Rihanna is so weak minded!

  8. Why do we continue to give Rihanna any exposure. She’s not that great and she makes bad life decisions. The only thing I can see that keeps here in the limelight is that she’s pretty. Seriously…it’s getting BORING!

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