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  1. Lolfest

    He got over it, that’s all that counts.

  2. Wayne

    I mad head u taking coke and ur rich u junk

  3. Harry Schvantz

    So he did a little coke in Vegas.  Big deal.

  4. brunomarsbabymama

    p.s: he’s mine

  5. brunomarsbabymama

    you people need to leave my baby bruno alone because thats my baby daddy i luv u bru bru

  6. Anonymous

    It must be quite difficult to come down from the pedestal ppl put a rock star on and just be normal. I suppose this is why most artists can’t sleep. They’re in constant heightened levels of consciousness and judgement from the world around them. And so drugs seem to bring them down or pump them up. If only the conversation of artistry could start with the creator who issued talent to begin with. Though even Elvis wasn’t able to conquer his demons. Here’s hoping Bruno can…

  7. C

    Happy he learned his lesson… He is such an amazing talent! Wishing only the best for that young man! Look forward to seeing him Live in July when he stops in Detroit!

  8. justmemuchlove

    Love for Bruno

  9. AngelSoul

    I’m glad he’s handled his drug problem because he is so talented. He’s learned a lot and has come back from that bad situation. Very proud of that. After Amy Winehouse passed away I think many musicians and non musicians want to get themselves clean and sober.His album Unorthodox Jukebox is a pretty good album. I am happy I purchased his album because with all of it’s different styles of music he’s put into this album…it literally is one of the better albums to come out in 2012.

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