John Mayer Performs At New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Music Fest

John Mayer Photo: Gettyimages.com

After missing the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Musical Fest last year battling throat issues, John Mayer took the stage this weekend for the yearly event.

John also talked the crowd about his upcoming tour:

"It's going to be getting incredibly groovy and funky over the next couple of years."

Very cool.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Welcome back John!

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  1. So nice to see and hear John Mayer It’s been awhile but it’s so Good to see and hear that unique Voice he has. Looks like this tour is going to be AWESOME!

  2. Not too much into John, but am going to jazz fest Saturday for Fleet wood Mac!!!! Practically in my back yard.

  3. so glad that he’s back!
    can’t wait for his 2 concerts i’m going to in Amsterdam later this year!

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