#FlashbackFriday Nikka Costa “Like A Feather”

Nikka Costa Promo Photo

Our #flashbackfriday jam is "Like A Feather" by Nikka Costa!

We had to use this funky version from the Chris Rock show. Check out them shades!

Miss U Nikka! Much Love.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Soul clap.....

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  2. MAN! This is my CUT! I use to play this when I had my Own College Radio Show. This album is STILL the Soundtrack of my LIFE. Miss Nikka Hoping there is New Music from her coming REAL SOOOON.

  3. Always play this jam as a DJ. Timeless and red hot. I have some old school Nikka Costa promotional tank tops that I got years ago that I stashed away. You might be the biggest Nikka fan I know of. SHe does indeed rawk.

  4. Wow! What Time Is It? Long time. Still COOL. Still TIMELESS.

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