Photo Of The Moment: Miley Cyrus Wants You…That Way!

Miley Cyrus Photo: Twitter

Miley Cyrus posted a photo from her latest video "We Can't Stop" and...um..she is wearing white pants.

I think she was bending over looking for her cellphone charger or something. Maybe the TV remote.

Gotta go. For some reason, the dogs outside are barking. A lot.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Doggystyle. That was Snoop Lion's first album as Snoop Dogg and Miley just released a song with him. Where is YOUR mind????

Comments (14)
  1. She is trying way too hard. Have a seat, you ain’t even that cute!

    I agree, Alexnmind.

  2. I feel sorry for young girls having this as an idol…
    I am happy that I grew up in the 90s!
    Hope this objectivization of young girls stop.
    This is not feminism but it makes her look passive and just as an object.
    Makes me sad…

  3. Doc Funk always bringing the Funk! TU!

  4. I don’t care. She’s still gross.

  5. She’s using her body for money. Just no penetration, Will.

  6. William, like the song or…

  7. ehh it’s her decision to do so it’s not like she’s out there hookin lol

  8. I think I just threw up in my mouth a little bit

  9. Looking and acting skanky does not equal female power. She’s really scraping the bottom of the barrel here. So lame.

  10. Not gunna lie..I like it

  11. Each generation takes it a step further. This one leaves nothing to the imagination and this is their signature of “keeping it real”. What you see is what you get.

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