Photo Of The Moment: Dita Von Teese

Dita Von Teese Photo: Anja Poulsen for Bwatt

Our photo of the moment is of Dita Von Teese for Bwatt magazine!

Dita made sure to talk about her love of lingerie:

“My lingerie is something really important to me because I feel like my whole career was built on my love of lingerie. I used to work in a lingerie store, and it’s something really close to me. Lingerie is symbolic of the womanhood and a very private and personal luxury but which can also be used for seduction if you choose… So my lingerie line, called Von Follies, is also base don updating and modernizing things from my vintage archives and from books. And of course my desire of what kind of lingerie I would like to be wearing.”

Nice desire.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Garters and stockings can never go out of style….




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