PRINCE’s Reloaded! Plus New 3rdEyeTV & More News!

3RDEYEGIRL.COM ad v.2 800 x 600 has been relaunched or reloaded complete with videos to view, videos to watch, music to buy, exclusive photos, a place for tour news, and as we told you last month, a 3rdEyeGirl clothing line!

The tour news says upcoming July dates so with Montreux in the mix, there might be MORE shows coming your way! What about that Chicago hint? Hmm. Keep reading.

Also, a new URL was added:

For the full article and video clips, click here….

In the video clip above, Hannah Ford-Welton talks about the 3rdEyeGirl clothing. There will also be more merchandise that people are churning out and hopefully, we can give you a preview soon!

Also, there was another 3rdEye TV livestream last night! It lasted an hour in length but was the “cats knickers”, as a rep for 3rdEyeGirl said before….We were treated to the 3rdEyeGirl drum kit, a candle and sometimes a flashing light….then a dancing partner.

It started with “Midnight Blues” with Prince singing “Lost my job at Mickey D’s (McDonalds for those not hip) cuz I was giving away too much food for free”… What? Could you just see him behind the counter or working the fries? Better not get no grease in the hair! A female comes into the song asking for security to escort someone out. Prince? Who knows? The jam was long and we LOVE it when PRINCE gets into the blues!

Next was “Superconductor Reloaded Instrumental” by Andy Allo. A short clip of this with vocals was played the other night. It works better as an instrumental. Now, although labeled as “Superconductor Reloaded Instrumental” half way through the song, it switches gears into “The Max” which is an instrumental. Interesting that people were saying it sounds like “Rave Into The Joy Fantastic” to them. Well, yes, the guitar part is from that. I’m just glad they know it is from Rave unlike when it first came out, they thought it was “RAID” like PRINCE was gonna be spraying some bugs or something. Def no “Joy Fantastic” doing that!

Then another “Q.U.E.E.N.” instrumental was played. It was longer than previous ones but I believe it was missing Prince’s guitar playing on this one.

Then what was played was “EndorphineDriver” which was an instrumental but sounded like only “Endorphinemachine” so perhaps the entire song was not played for us. During the clip, there was someone dancing in front of the drum kit, which most guessed was Damaris Lewis, who jumped on at the end to talk in the chat.

Then a short version of “Plectrum Electrum” was played with the message “Sleep Tight Plectrum Heads” and then it was over as Damaris Lewis came to talk briefly in the chat room.

As for Chicago this weekend as was stated in the room a couple of days ago, it seems there is something going down but our sources are saying right now it is a private event. If/when that changes, we will let U know!


There are actually 2 private events in Chicago this weekend, the GL wedding party being one.

For now, enjoy the Reloaded site and make sure to sign up for Livestream to get email notifications of the 3rdEyeTV events. The texting option no longer seems to be working though….-DocFB

Diagnosis:  Very much preferred the hour version of the show playing a lot of music compared to the other night where it was 3 hours with sprinkles of hot jams.  I know they are testing the waters so I fully understand.

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  • Debbie a.k.a thareelqueenbee
    Posted at 21:11h, 29 June

    Just recently saw the new website I LOVE IT! The site looks so amazing so HAPPIE and PROUD of the HARD Work 3RDEG is doing and I’m just digging these Livestream MAN KRAZIE PURPLE FONKY! So looking forward 2 more livestream, Music, Tours, and so much more from MY GURLS 3RDEG and Our PURPLE KING Prince. Much LOVE 2 King PRINCE and 3RDEG <3!!

  • Funky Friend
    Posted at 13:59h, 29 June

    this is the worst Prince project since the New Power of Soul era. Prince you have your own sound. Stop chasing the Hendrix and The Who sound. Please come back to funk. Keep your guitar but please bring back the horns and keyboards

  • DeeLucks
    Posted at 18:10h, 28 June

    Glad Prince is opening up more…

    Seems he is very pleased with his new wreckerd deal……..

  • Chi-Town Jill
    Posted at 13:07h, 28 June

    Wow..thanks DrFunkenberry for the recap. I was there but was so caught up in the awe of it all, I need someone to tell me details..LOL!!! Yes, the new 3rdEyeGirl site looks very promising, can’t wait for it to be FULLY loaded! Glad to his hear that Prince is at least coming 2 ChiTown but will respect his privacy (do keep us posted if things change, Drfunkenberry:)

  • Terri
    Posted at 12:52h, 28 June

    <3 !

  • Anonymous
    Posted at 12:48h, 28 June

    midnight blues & the max were off the chain !

  • Anonymous
    Posted at 12:35h, 28 June

    Nice site! Not CHROME BROWSER friendly though… PEACE!

  • kco0l's ChocolateBox777
    Posted at 12:31h, 28 June

    Eye got the purple fever !!! Gimme more………..

  • M21nights
    Posted at 12:18h, 28 June

    Thanks for updates etc .. I also love the new website and look forward to what’s next! Purple addiction full in effect, and I have not even yet been to Montreux … oh goodness! And my hope for some 3rd Eye Girl rock gigs has been relit with those latest tour teases

  • Mirri
    Posted at 12:01h, 28 June

    Thanx 4 the news Doc. I have a full blown purple fever of the worst kind 😛

  • Anna-Lisa
    Posted at 11:57h, 28 June

    thanks for sharing the info loving the new design of the website

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