What The? Is That Beyonce????

Beyonce Tony Duran for Flaunt

Beyonce is on the cover of the new issue of Flaunt and she is....not exactly looking like Beyonce!

Beyonce Photo: Tony Duran for Flaunt

The shoot was done by Tony Duran. Wow. We are totally blown away!-DocFB

Diagnosis: What a transformation.....

Comments (4)
  1. If I didn’t read the name, I totally was thinking this is Erykah Badu.

  2. looks reptilian not celestial if that was what they were going for, GOISW

  3. Since the photographer and the subject had no interest in exploring originality, they could’ve just used a photo of Erykah Badu…

  4. Airbrushed out of existance…..awful….aint art…just a waste of time.

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