#SensualSaturdays “Escapade” By Janet Jackson

Janet Jackson Screen Cap LipstickAlley.com

#SensualSaturdays. Nice isn’t it? Even nicer when you have “Escapade” by Janet Jackson playing in the background!

“Escapade” was released January 8th, 1990 and is from her Rhythm Nation 1814 album released in 1989.

If you want to know how Janet came up with the numbers 1814 for the Rhythm Nation, it is simple. It is NOT the year 1814.

R is the 18 letter of the alphabet and N is the 14th, so combine them and you have 1814 and then Rhythm Nation 1814.

The song hit number one and stayed there for 3 weeks in March of 1990. That is one street carnival we would LOVE to be a part of!-DocFB

Diagnosis: Nothing like singing “Minneapolis” for street cred, right? 😉




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