#SensualSaturdays “Escapade” By Janet Jackson

Janet Jackson Screen Cap LipstickAlley.com

#SensualSaturdays. Nice isn't it? Even nicer when you have "Escapade" by Janet Jackson playing in the background!

"Escapade" was released January 8th, 1990 and is from her Rhythm Nation 1814 album released in 1989.

If you want to know how Janet came up with the numbers 1814 for the Rhythm Nation, it is simple. It is NOT the year 1814.

R is the 18 letter of the alphabet and N is the 14th, so combine them and you have 1814 and then Rhythm Nation 1814.

The song hit number one and stayed there for 3 weeks in March of 1990. That is one street carnival we would LOVE to be a part of!-DocFB

Diagnosis: Nothing like singing "Minneapolis" for street cred, right? ;)


Ciara Copies Janet Jackson On New Single Cover For “Body Party”

Ciara Body Party Cover

Here is the new cover to Ciara's new single "Body Party".

Janet Jackson "All For You" Cover

Here is the cover to Janet Jackson's "All For You" single cover.

Any questions?-DocFB

Diagnosis: Still hot....


Janet Jackson Married In Secret Wedding Again!


Janet Jackson has just revealed that she is married to Wissam Al Mana and that the wedding took place last year!!!!

Janet just posted this to her official site in the past hour:

"The rumours regarding an extravagant wedding are simply not true. Last year we were married in a quiet, private, and beautiful ceremony. Our wedding gifts to one another were contributions to our respective favourite children’s charities. We would appreciate that our privacy is respected and that we are allowed this time for celebration and joy. With love, Wissam and Janet"

Wow. She got married. Again. In secret. Crazy and so hard to do as a celebrity.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Congrats W & J


Janet Jackson: Paris Should Enjoy Being Young & Not Act

Janet Jackson was on "The Tonight Show With Jay Leno and talked about her niece Paris Jackson and her acting career.

Janet feels she should enjoy her youth as she is only young once. Janet feels after she is 18, she can act and just enjoy being young.

Janet is obviously speaking from experience as her and her brother Michael Jackson and his brothers started in entertainment at a very young age.

We wonder if Michael were alive what he would want for Paris?

What do you think of Janet's advice for Paris?-DocFB

Diagnosis: Should she really have talked about it on TV? These Jacksons.


Rihanna Ties Whitney Houston’s Record, Passing Janet & Stevie

Rihanna Photo: Jeremiah Freed
Rihanna Photo: Jeremiah Freed

Rihanna Photo: Jeremiah Freed

Rihanna has her 11th number 1 Billboard chart hit passing up legend Stevie Wonder and Janet Jackson, who both had 10.

The 11th number 1 is "We Found Love" which features Calvin Harris.  She ties Whitney Houston who also has 11.

Only The Beatles (20), Mariah Carey (18), Michael Jackson (13), Madonna (12), and  The Supremes (12) have more.

"Found", Rihanna's latest single from her new album "Talk That Talk" due for release November 21st, has now spent two weeks at number 1 on the download charts, being downloaded almost 250,000 times off of I-Tunes.  The song has already been downloaded a million times, making it her 20th song to be downloaded over a million times.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Will most likely hit 12 number ones by end of year



Old School Jam Of The Moment: “Rhythm Nation” Janet Jackson


Our Old School Jam Of The Moment is "Rhythm Nation" by Janet Jackson complete with finger countdown.

Ladies, be honest; how many of you were rocking the earring with the key on the hoop?  Oh wait, fellas, some of you were too weren't you?

Everyone thought the numbers in the title of Janet's album "Rhythm Nation 1814" were from a historical point in history.  Actually, R is the 18th letter of the alphabet and N is the 14th, so there is how you got 1814 in the title.

OK, enough music history!  Enjoy "Rhythm Nation" in all it's glory.  Don't hurt yourself trying to do those moves though....-Dr.FB

Diagnosis:  Classic Old School Minneapolis Sound


Exclusive: Michael Jackson’s Kids Leave Janet’s Show In Tears

Janet Jackson. Photo Taken By Dr.Funkenberry
Janet Jackson. Photo Taken By Dr.Funkenberry

Janet Jackson. Photo Taken By Dr.Funkenberry

Last Thursday night, Janet Jackson performed at the Gibson Ampithetre and Katherine Jackson, Janet's mom, took Michael Jackson's kids to see Aunt Janet's show.

We are told that Prince Michael, Paris, and Blanket were having a good time...up until the middle of the show. 

In the middle of the show, Janet does "Scream" the duet she did in the 90's with her brother.  His vocals are played during the performance and on the screen behind her and the sides, was video of "Scream" which featured the kids father, Michael Jackson.

The kids were in tears and left during "Scream" and what we find interesting is that Jermaine Jackson just saw the show 4 days before as he was sitting behind us.  Seems that maybe Katherine and Jermaine would have talked or even Janet letting Katherine know about MJ being shown.

The last number "Together Again" features Janet and Michael through the years.  We wonder if the kids could have made it to the end of the show what would have happened.-Dr.FB

Diagnosis:  Not For All Children

Janet Jackson. Photo Taken By DrFunkenberry

Janet Jackson. Photo Taken By DrFunkenberry