PRINCE & 3rdEyeGirl To Play Portugal This Saturday! Tickets On Sale Now!

Prince Lisbon Image By 3rdEyeBoy Aka Spencer

PRINCE and 3rdEyeGirl will be playing Portugal this Saturday!

It will be one show!

Tickets are on sale NOW and can be purchased HERE!!!!!

The tickets are 50 Euros and it is a venue that holds 3,340


Diagnosis:  Portugal, do U have a "Groovy Potential" To "FunkNRoll"...?

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  1. I’m from Denver,colorado saw prince on mother’s day paid 300 dollars a ticket and it was well spent I love my man

  2. Welcome again….see you tomorrow 😀

  3. Barcelona is not so far away… maybe…

  4. Barcelona must be next… come on…

  5. PURPLE YODA coming 2 a Country near U. R U ready Portugal!!

  6. Purple sunshine all over the place ~ Boyfriend; Aint Gonna Miss U; Groovy Potential; Breakfast Can Wait; That Girl Thing, RNR Love Affair ~ really, really great sounds. SMH good.

  7. we are quite amazed and happy for an event like that is finally happening here. We are so used to see everything passing by that people doubted a bit at first…

    In spite of the price being low for you guys , the truth is that the average price per ticket here is 35€ for a solo artist and 55€ for a ticket day on music festival. This is quite expensive for the average habitant around here…. But Prince is Prince so let’s get crazy!

  8. I swear! We’re gonna havta put a tracking device on him! Wascally Wabbit!

  9. ENJOY!!!

  10. Budapest? Any chance?

  11. Spain………….

  12. Spain, man…………….

  13. Sho’ we R!!! Bring it on with purple might!!! (tickets bought 4 a (now) more than a handful of shows Eye bin on!) :)

  14. Spain please! Vigo would b the best option!

  15. Wow, can’t wait to see Prince again.
    I’m a music photographer, any ideas on who to contact to photograph his royal purpleness??

  16. You Must see Prince and 3rd Eye Girl!!! They rock!! I saw them perform 12 times and it wasn’t enough! I need more!

  17. Spain please… Sevilla will be great!

  18. Dear friends in Portugal – one advise…GO!!! I saw Prince and 3rdEyeGirl in Denmark en Holland (2 times in my hometown Amsterdam). The Amsterdam Paradiso shows were unbelievable. They set the place on fire! Everybody went grazy! I have seen Prince many times live all over Europe, but this year he is something else. Rock & Roll! Don’t make the mistake not going. I know what you will miss! An experience you will never forget…

  19. There hasn’t been a bargain like that since $20 Thursday nights @Inglewood.
    Hope fans from the continent can get there, plenty in Portugal will be on summer vacation.

  20. I am really happy 4 u guys in Portugal…Don’t miss this r u will regret it…

  21. Prince and 3EG are all over the place…..

  22. Amazing! 50 euros only, really? Wow, most reasonable ticket prize I have heard in a long time (not only for Prince concerts)!

  23. Fantastic new music brilliant to see Him out sharing his super talents,any plans to come to the UK soon ???

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