Chris Brown Releases Video For “Love More” Featuring Nicki Minaj

Chris Brown has released the video for "Love More" featuring Nicki Minaj.

The video also stars comedian Nick Swardson. $30.00 cash in his pocket to make it rain. All right then.

Nicki's flow comes late in the video. Who knew that word rhymed with gasoline? All right then.

Check out the video above...

Diagnosis: Pearls, Curls, and Booty Pop! What???

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  1. Nicki Minaj saves this track! For the rest like teiemka said it’s pretty lame!

  2. Nicki Minaj wow….all power to her, I still haven’t worked out what exactly she does other than try to be as crude as possible. Zero value add, but hey I guess it’s saleable.

    I feel for you Doc on having to report on stuff this lame.

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