Caught Up! Drake Hangs With Nicki Minaj & Releases “0 To 100″

Drake & Nicki Minaj Photo: Instagram

Guess Drake realized that hugging Nicki Minaj is a lot better than hugging every NBA player he runs into. Oh yeah, he also released "0 To 100" officially.

"0 To 100" has been making the rounds incomplete for a while before Drake decided to release it on Sunday.

You can listen and download the track HERE.

There are better Drake tracks out there but if you are into all his flows, you might dig it.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Nicki is back to wearing pasties. That makes me hungry for some pastries.


Chris Brown Releases Video For “Love More” Featuring Nicki Minaj

Chris Brown has released the video for "Love More" featuring Nicki Minaj.

The video also stars comedian Nick Swardson. $30.00 cash in his pocket to make it rain. All right then.

Nicki's flow comes late in the video. Who knew that word rhymed with gasoline? All right then.

Check out the video above...

Diagnosis: Pearls, Curls, and Booty Pop! What???


Nicki Minaj Releases Video For “Up In Flames” Watch Now! NSFW!

Nicki Minaj Photo: Twitter

Nicki Minaj has released the video for "Up In Flames" and is from Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded. Yes, she is still releasing singles from that album. If she actually plays the piano however....

The motorcycles make me think of Ruff Ryders n I keep waiting for DMX to show up and start barking.

Check out the video above.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Press B......


Music Prescription Of The Week! Nicki Minaj & Lil Wayne Heat Things Up In “High School” Video! Watch Now!

Lil Wayne & Nicki Minaj High School Video Still

Nicki Minaj has released the video to "High School" which features her getting hot & heavy with her mentor, Lil Wayne. It is our "Music Prescription Of The Week" formerly our Jam Of The Week!

The video also features Birdman along with Minaj & Wayne and is directed by Benny Boom.

Minaj shows her stuff yet again in a pink bikini....yet again. She also is wearing a yellow neon bathing suit with her cheeks hanging out. Minaj also wears a machine gun-bullet top as well, because I'm sure it is very comfortable.

Wayne appears rapping by the pool and is only sagging a little bit with the trunks on.

Minaj is looking fine in the video and either I'm listening to too much Lil Wayne lately, but I can actually understand his rap and flow a little easier, even if it dyke this n dyke that. Maybe he was rapping about a new pair of shoes. Nah...pretty sure he said dyke. Sigh. Still, his flow is getting better...at least to me.-DocFB

Diagnosis: This isn't high school, 90210 or otherwise...


Mariah Carey Feels Idol Is Unsafe With Nicki Minaj On The Show

American Idol Judges Photo: The Hollywood Reporter

Mariah Carey took to Nightline with Barbara Walters to express her displeasure with Nicki Minaj's threats towards her. It appears that during promotion for Idol this week, things are still heated between the divas.

We are sure Mariah wishes that she would not have signed on to do "American Idol" til the other judges were named instead of signing the contract first. Sometimes, $18 million is not worth it when you are worth over a $100 million.

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Nicki Minaj & Mariah Carey Remain United During Hollywood Reporter Press

American Idol Judges Photo: The Hollywood Reporter

Randy Jackson, Keith Urban, Ryan Seacrest, Mariah Carey, & Nicki Minaj remained united for a Hollywood Reporter story on the American Idol judges.

Seacrest stood between Mariah and Minaj who have not been getting along with each other during auditions and despite reports, we are sure producers are hoping for fireworks between the 2 judges instead of hoping for a talented top 10 finalists.

Jackson gave his usual rhetoric that there will be "at least 4 contestants" that will have big careers because of Idol. Urban spoke that he wants to help contestants get rid of the cheese around them to find the true musical talent they have. Yea, like ditching a cowboy hat, wearing tight open shirts, and marry a Hollywood actress.

Mariah talked about how Idol went about approaching her for the job. We wish someone would have asked if it would have been smarter to wait to see who the other judges were before signing on and if she had any regrets:

"I was on the fence about the whole thing. I got approached by all the shows. He [her husband, Nick Canon] said I should do it because it's the top, it's the cream of the crop. And I felt like, 'Do the show that's produced massive stars who have had major careers.' I know everyone's like, 'We can't have schmaltzy answers,' Well guess what? Some people still want to be inspired. Some people need to have that kind of validation and to feel like, if this person did it, then I can. And I do have one of those stories."

Minaj talked about why she was picked a judge and how she never pictured to be in the limelight like she is now. Ahem:

"[There's] a judgmental culture in hip-hop. Sometimes you are afraid of being too famous because it's almost, like, is that even cool? Being that accessible, someone you see on TV every week? I never pictured myself as that type of person. I'm still surprised that I decided to do it."

Aside from The Voice, ratings for the other singing shows have went down. With Christina Aguilera and Cee Lo leaving that show, it may be in the same boat. The shows rarely focus on the talent but more on the star of the judge.

Who can name the last winner of X Factor or the past 3 winners of Idol? Thought so.-DocFB

Diagnosis: The 12 Season of "American Idol" kicks off on January 16th.


Video Premiere: Nicki Minaj Releases Low-Budget Video For “Come On A Cone”

Ahh. The words "dick in your face" were never sang so poetically. Nicki Minaj exclaims that in the low budget video release of "Come On A Cone" produced by Grizzly Music.

This video comes just days after she released "The Boys" video, which seemed to have a budget.

"Come On A Cone" is from Minaj's "Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded: The Re-Up" which is due in November.

The video features Minaj and her crew on several different stages, even showing her sitting next to Kim Kardashian and Kanye West.

Even Randy Jackson makes a cameo on the video.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Do you even have to ask if Mariah Carey is in the video?