Nicki Minaj

‘Merica! Nicki Minaj Gets Patriotic For Terry Richardson Photo Shoot

Nicki Minaj teamed up with photographer Terry Richardson for her latest Rolling Stone shoot, getting very patriotic in the process. Ahh. America. God shed his grace on thee.-DocFB Diagnosis: If anyone has been accused more of inappropriate action in the work place other than Bill Cosby, it would be Terry Richardson. Allegedly.

Caught Up! Drake Hangs With Nicki Minaj & Releases “0 To 100”

Guess Drake realized that hugging Nicki Minaj is a lot better than hugging every NBA player he runs into. Oh yeah, he also released “0 To 100” officially. “0 To 100” has been making the rounds incomplete for a while before Drake decided to release it on Sunday. You can listen and download the track […]

Chris Brown Releases Video For “Love More” Featuring Nicki Minaj

Chris Brown has released the video for “Love More” featuring Nicki Minaj. The video also stars comedian Nick Swardson. $30.00 cash in his pocket to make it rain. All right then. Nicki’s flow comes late in the video. Who knew that word rhymed with gasoline? All right then. Check out the video above… Diagnosis: Pearls, […]

Nicki Minaj Releases Video For “Up In Flames” Watch Now! NSFW!

Nicki Minaj has released the video for “Up In Flames” and is from Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded. Yes, she is still releasing singles from that album. If she actually plays the piano however…. The motorcycles make me think of Ruff Ryders n I keep waiting for DMX to show up and start barking. Check out […]