Win A Prize Package From Rayman Legends (Incubus, Pharcyde, Jurassic 5)

Rayman Legends Promo Photo

You can win a prize package from music inspired from Rayman Legends, which includes two founding members of Incubus, Pharcyde, and Jurassic 5!

Incubus’ founding members Dirk Lance and Jose Pasillas II, along with former Pharcyde MC Slimkid3 and Jurassic 5’s DJ Nu-Mark, will be unleashing a new song inspired by Ubisoft’s forthcoming game Rayman Legends.

The combination of these highly acclaimed artists – with backgrounds varying from rock to funk and hip-hop – has produced a ‘musical 4-player co-op’ that is quirky and incredibly fun, much like the game itself. This collaboration also marks the first time that Lance and Pasillas have recorded together since Incubus’ highly successful album Morning View.

The prize package includes:

1 surfboard designed by world-renowned street artist named Chase.

1 limited edition copy of “Picture Perfect Fantasy” 7″ vinyl signed by the band (only 250 were signed.)

1 copy of Rayman Legends on the gaming platform of your choice

You can enter HERE!!!!!

Open to U.S. Residents only.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Pretty cool collection of artists and a great prize package!



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