PRINCE’s “The Breakfast Experience” Remixes Available Now On iTunes!

Breakfast Can Wait Digital Single Cover

"The Breakfast Experience" remixes of PRINCE's "Breakfast Can Wait" are now available for purchase on iTunes!

There are 5 versions in all:

1. Breakfast Can Wait (Original)

2. Breakfast Can Wait (Grits n Gravy)

3. Breakfast Can Wait (Espresso)

4. Breakfast Can Wait (Honey)

5. Breakfast Can Wait (Buttermilk)

a 5 mix platter!

The price is $4.99 and can be downloaded HERE.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Jdub in the mix....

Comments (12)
  1. Grits N Gravy mixx is funkier than a mosquito’s tweeter….

  2. Gunna have to Pass… 🙂

  3. thats nice but not for me.. i refuse to use itunes.

  4. Got My Platter, Thank U! DELISH! Compliments 2 The Chef :c)~<3

  5. you´re kidding-this is so awesome, true variations by PRINCE himself. Totally Gorgeous!

  6. Where do I get the EP everyone’s talking about, it’s not on 3rdeyegirl or Amazon, is it iTunes only?

  7. I’ve been waiting 4 these remixes seen hearing them at last Saturday’s Breakfast Experience!!! Thanks 4 the heads-up DcFB!!!

  8. Star2009777, I purchased the The Breakfast Experience EP and I am listening to “Expresso” right now!!!  Prince is so funky, I think he sweats funk!  You won’t be disappointed!!! This dude is in another dimension!!!

  9. the samples that I heard on iTunes are really good cant wait to buy the breakfast experience thanks for sharing the info

  10. First, Dr. Funkenberry, I love all of the information that you provide to the Purple community, thank you!!!  Second, I will throw as much currency for real music by real musicians at anytime, anyday and anywhere!  Prince, THANK YOU for so much music this year.  I am overjoyed to receive the opportunity to purchase any music that you are willing to market…I AM RUNNING TO ITUNES NOW!!!!!!!!

  11. Purchased!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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