Watch Now! PRINCE & 3RDEYEGIRL’s Lyric Video For “ANOTHERLOVE”!!!

PRINCE & 3RDEYGIRL have just released a lyric video for the song "ANOTHERLOVE" from the album "PLECTRUMELECTRUM" that interjects their performance on Saturday Night Live last month along with photos. The video was exclusively premiered on Billboard today.

The song penned by Alice Smith takes on another life with PRINCE & 3RDEYEGIRL big time. Prince recorded his version of the track during a jam with 3RDEYEGIRL -- Donna Grantis (guitar), Ida Nielsen (bass) and Hannah Ford Welton (drums) -- at his Paisley Park Studios in Minnesota.

The video was produced by John Andosca of JPA Entertainment. PLECTRUMELECTRUM was released on September 30th and topped the Billboard Rock charts. ART OFFICIAL AGE, released on the same day, topped the Billboard R & B charts.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Pretty impressive lyric video. Do you really wanna find ANOTHERLOVE?

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  1. Love it

  2. WTF is it with Prince and these lyric videos?

  3. I’m happy that my most favorite song of both albums got a video! I think it is amazing what Prince did with this song, he gave it another life indeed! :) And no – I never need AnotherLove as long as Prince keeps sharing his music with us!!
    Merry Christmas!

  4. Well done video it’s exciting to watch and the lyrics…
    Oh yeah… sooo true!!!

  5. Love it…

  6. I really love this video!!! Thank you Prince & 3EG

  7. Hell I’m looking too! But about the song and the video it’s Kewl.

  8. Cool. I like the video. Prince is still sharing. That is a good sign.

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