More Info On Janet Jackson’s Upcoming #1 Hits Set

Janet Jackson File Photo
Janet Jackson File Photo

Janet Jackson File Photo

As we told you first and exclusively, (sorry for those who hate that term but oh well) Janet Jackson will be releasing a #1 Hits set later this year. I am here to dispel some rumors.

First, the tenetive release date of November 17th is NOT confirmed, nor is the rumors this will be a 2 disc set with 30 songs. There is no configuration yet but as soon as I have it and the track list, I will post it.

The set might be getting delayed as rumors of Madonna and Janet working together are swirling around the Internet that the 2 will be recording very soon together.  If we have any more concrete evidence of this, I will let you know as soon as I can.

Everyone involved is excited about this project and I am sure the fans will be as well.

Hopefully, we will have more information on this early next week.

So, you guys excited by this project or would you rather have new material?-Dr.FB