Behind The Scenes Of Beyonce’s Making Of “4”

  Here is “Year Of 4” documenting Beyonce’s journey into recording “4” her latest CD.  What made her title it “4” on this CD?  Well, it is her 4th solo release.  Kind of like when Lenny Kravitz entitled “5” after his 5th solo album.  It may not be original, but it works.  Check out this documentary […]

Lenny Kravitz Performs Acoustic Version Of “Thinking Of You”

Lenny Kravitz celebrated his late mother birthday over the weekend by performing a song he wrote in tribute to her. “Thinking Of You” was written about Roxie Roker and was featured on his CD “5” before. Many of you may know that Lenny’s mother was on the classic television show “The Jeffersons” so you may […]